• My experience attempting to evaluate this plugin:

    Once the plugin is activated, the Deactivate link disappears, as well as the checkbox that allows plugins to be selected, and uninstalled… OK, this sucks… let’s try finishing the setup completely and then removing it. The installation process forces you to create an account in order to show the “Privacy Safe Seal”… great.

    After registering on data443 twice: at data443.com and at their atlassian site, still no luck. I hope their support team responds promptly.

    The setup process is overly complicated when your site does not store any Personal Information as it forces you to setup forms and processes to manage users’ deletion requests.

    IMHO this plugin should not be made available until the plugin follows the established uninstall processes. This is the last time I try anything from data443.com, they have horrible business practices.

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  • @akcuratebezu

    1) about the activate/deactivate page – you are meaning the general plugin management page? In this case, WP itself manages everything there, we are just another plugin and don’t manage its functionality

    2) The GDPRFramework setup process doesn’t change anything on this page either – its config is only for itself.

    3) Privacy safe badge is completely optional of course and only functions when our plugin is in operation. Yes we need registration in order to have token validation.

    4) ticket submission does not require registration at all. Not sure where you were ‘registering’ – please provide URL?

    5) re: setup process and forms.. all of the settings are optional for the plugin, including the DSAR request forms and deletions. You have the option to auto process any of them, or allow admin to approve them.

    Deactivation/uninstall is a one click option – from the plugin page.

    We have had 100,000’s of installs and configurations. Active operations for years with this plugin and generally excellent reviews. we’ve never heard a complaint in the plugin management pages, and the setup process was mostly designed with admins in mind – and indeed many contributed to its design.

    So, please feel free to give us a shout to discuss – leave your phone number in the support ticket area which is open for everyone – no registration required: https://data443.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/2/group/6/create/148


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    I raised an issue on data443.atlassian.net hours before posting this message. I’m still waiting.

    From what you’re saying it appears the plugin is misbehaving on the general plugin management page.

    It’s not such a strange behaviour, it just similar to other plugins which make it difficult to uninstall them…

    @akcuratebezu – please send an email to support@data443.com – we did a search for your handle and don’t see it anywhere – so assuming different identity for that.

    happy to review what is going on -we’ve never had a report about plugin management issues on the general plugin management page – probably over a million installs, so it is a strange on.


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    I see no handle on my profile at data443.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/user/profile, just my email address and my name. I’ll respond by email.

    Thank you!

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