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  1. Tee
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hey Folks.

    I am unable to view my archives - http://adidas-talk.com/archives

    I order for me to see something in the archives, I need to click on the date that's in the calender, but I find that quite weird that I have to do that. When I click on the date here's what pops up: http://adidas-talk.com/2009/08/17 <--- notice the permalinks? I have it set up for "pretty permalinks" using this code: %/%categories%/%postname%

    Anyways, I also had a question, in the archives wouldn't it be more convenient if the reader can get a full picture of what it is that you have in the archives;

    -Calender is important
    -Categories should also be important
    -Tags would be good

    what else? What do you think would be good in the archives area.

    PLease help.

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