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  • I am having an issue with my sites (I am running an older version of WordPress MultiUser) where I am unable to view or access the images in my media library from within a post or page (i.e. when I click “add media” on the WSYWIG screen. No error message, just literally a blank screen where the images should be

    The images are there when I access the media library from the main admin panel – images and thumbnails intact and working

    Also for my main site, there is no performance issue with the images on the live sites, even when this is occurring.

    I have tried turning off plugins and going to the default theme to see if that helps but it has not.

    The ONLY thing at this point that helps the issue is when I reinstall WordPress 3.5.1 again. I do this through the automated process.

    However, when I log into the site the next day, the problem is back again and I have to reinstall 3.5.1 which then fixes the problem again. Obviously not the most effective solution and based on this, I am sure there is a troubleshooting method to figure this out

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and I am more than happy to repeat any steps I may have tried already to get to the root of the issue.

    I should mention that I am running multi-user / multi-site and that whatever the issue with my media library, it is also affecting the images in the media library for one of my subdirectory sites :

    Where many of the thumbnails and images will not show in the media library or on the site when, whatever it is, happens to my media library. Again, that is all fized when I reinstall 3.5.1 so my assumption is it is all related to a single issue (whatever the issue is).

    My main domain for reference is

    Thanks to anyone that might be able to offer assistance

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