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    I am unable to use visual editor after upgrading my WordPress software. It started with 3.7.1 and continues after I updated to 3.8 (this evening).

    I can edit in text mode but not visual mode. I have dumped cache and tried 2 computers with 4 different browsers. My user profile has not disabled visual editor. I have disabled all plugins and set to default WP theme at I still cannot edit in visual mode after any of these changes.

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  • Loni


    I located a recommendation in another thread to upload and enable “Use Google Libraries” which can be found at

    This seems to have corrected my problem.

    Adding Use Google Libraries also solved my problem – thanks

    Another fix I found (can’t locate it now) involved adding a line to the wp-config.php file – used that on another domain and that also solved this particular issue with 3.8

    Why wouldn’t you have told us what that line added to the wp-config was? I am having an issue where I can’t edit files in visual mode. If I go in there and hit enter nothing appears to happen but if I switch to text mode you can see the &nbsp’s in there. Really strange.

    It appears there are tons of variations of “broken visual editor” issues out there, all with different causes, so tracking down a fix is very tough.

    It would be nice to know what line you added to the config to fix yours so I can try it?


    I was just searching for a solution to this issue, as I was having the same problem. I had just installed Advanced SystemCare to help keep my computer as clean as possible. One of the extensions it added to Chrome was “Surfing Protection”. Once I disabled this, the visual editor was back to working just fine. I happened across this solution, as my Google Ads weren’t displaying. I then realized that I had an ad blocker extension loaded as well. So, check your browser extensions and ad-ons…therein might lie the culprit. Hope it helps!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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