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    Notice: I’m reffering to two threads, but this problem occurs on my own, private WordPress installation, runnning on my own server. Don’t be confused!

    I have just installed my WordPress after long time of not using it and in 3.5.1 version I’m facing a major problem, where Right Alt + Z shortcut is converted into Ctrl + Z shortcut and thus, instead of inserting Polish national character “ż”, it acts like Undo.

    I’m using newest WordPress (3.5.1) on Windows 7 in Google Chrome, but I can confirm that this bug exists also in IE and Firefox (both in newest versions). It, of course, does not exist on mobile devices (tested on Android with both Mobile Chrome and native WP app).

    It happens only for Right Alt + Z. All eight remaing Polish national characters works like a charm (including Right Alt + A, which was reported in many sources as working like Ctrl + A and thus selecting all the text instead of inserting “ą” — this one works for me).

    This issue was reported (and heavily discussed with stuff) in Forum during summer 2012 and following months:

    Though it is more than half a years since that and though both threads has been closed, I can’t see any remarks on solution to this problem.

    I also did some research in the Internet, but found no solution, workaround or more detailed description.

    This is a major, critical-level bug for me, as I’m actually unable to write any text in my mother tongue.

    Does anyone knows anything about this? How can so huge and major bug appear in appliction used by millions and remain untouched for months?

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  • UPDATE: Problem has been traced to be caused by Markdown QuickTags plugin, not WordPress itself. Deactivating this plugin and reverting post/page editor back to standard one removes problem and Right Alt + Z shortcut works fine! Sorry for making noise.

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