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  • The suggested way to display a FooGallery album or gallery is using a shortcode. Plugin shortcodes don’t work universally, however. Put one in the content section on a static page, and it works fine. Try to print out that same shortcode in a dynamically generated page and it fails. Instead of just working the same way wherever it’s put, the shortcode somehow uses the context of page it’s on to change how it displays. So, when you try to display it using echo do_shortcode() in php, it prints the wrong URL and doesn’t work properly when clicked. I’ve been searching for help on this, but there’s nothing. There’s gotta be some way to set the page context dynamically so that the shortcode works properly, but when you go to the FooGallery’s own page where it says “Developer 101” or where it talks about about how easy it is to customize and extend, there’s no link to development resources. It’s just a marketing page… Is this thing flexible or not? Howso? I can’t use this plugin at all if I can’t get it to print on a template page properly.

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  • Plugin Author bradvin


    @jdwphou – thanks for taking the time to post the review, but I wish you would have submitted your question first, so that I could have helped you, before posting a 2 star review. I understand you might be frustrated, but understand that your use-case is not the majority, and therefore not documented anywhere.

    Contact me brad @ fooplugins . com and please send the following:

    Your system info output from the FooGallery -> System Info.
    Attach the theme you are using so that I can reproduce on my side, and see why the links are not correct.

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