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    Attempted to update to 2.1.2 and after some MAJOR issues, reinstalled the previous version to fix everything that had gone haywire. After that I checked and was able to retrieve and edit my css from the css editor. We just went live with the website, so a lot of changes have been made since that time, and now the css editor loads a completely blank (no spinner, nothing) div where the css code should be–almost as if it stopped loading half way. The css is somehow still there, the page displays correctly–but the css doesnt display in the editor. I have poured over all my changes and cannot pin-point whats causing this error has ANYONE seen this before?

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  • “The css is somehow still there, the page displays correctly– but the css doesnt display in the editor”

    I should clarify: The WEBSITE displays correctly, as if nothings wrong with the css. But no code is displayed in the css editor.

    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    Could you let me know your site URL, so I can have a look?

    If you want it to remain private, you can also contact us via this contact form:

    Thanks for the quick follow-up! Sorry, though–think my login timed out or something. This IS resolved. What happened:
    After making several backtracks and undoing a lot of what I thought could be the problem, I went over my .htaccess and uncommented a line back in (Rewrite on), and my css editor returned to normal. Hm.
    To make sure that this was the problem, I went back in and commented that same line out, which ought to make the css editor get ‘stuck’ again, right?–no changes or errors in the css editor!
    At this point I noticed that I had commented this line (rewrite on) because it was a redundant/duplicated line anyway. (I’ve been working on a separate issue redirecting/writing certain pages/urls, so I have quite a few commented lines)

    So I’ve been slowly un-un-doing everything from my earlier troubleshooting; checking to make sure the editor doesn’t have any issues as I bring everything back online. So far, so good.
    Long story short: I have no idea wtf happened. Messing with htaccess fixed it, but htaccess did not appear to cause it in the first place. #facepalm.

    *PostScript: I’ve been putting off consolidating my css files for some time (don’t tell the boss), so there’s a fair bit of code in the ‘custom-css’ editor–could it get ‘stuck’ if it’s trying to load too much damn css?

    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    I’m glad to hear you’re all set!

    could it get ‘stuck’ if it’s trying to load too much damn css?

    You shouldn’t run into issues; the CSS code is saved to your database, much like the content of your Posts and Pages. As long as you can access your database you’ll be ok.
    However, the page might take a bit longer to load, like for a post with a lot of content.

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