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  • Hello,

    This may be a duplicate but I hope not. I couldn’t find my post on the board. The problem concerns the downloading, unzipping, and uploading my theme to my website. While this upload seemed to go through normally it never was placed on my available themes page. If possible does somebody know a procedure that I might have missed in performing this process? The last theme I chose went through fine and as far as I know I didn’t change anything in uploading it. Thank you.

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  • This may be obvious, sorry.
    Did you load the entire folder “newtheme” (or whatever name) to the theme folder within your wordpress folder on your server? And once done, go to your admin page and clear your cache?


    No it definitiely isn’t ovbious to me. I tried to load it into the themes folder out of the wordpress folder, but it didn’t seem like I had whole folder like the last time. It loaded something like 57 files, but when I clicked on the unzipped theme folder it just bared the files in it and I couldn’t drag and drop them to the wp-content, themes folder so I had to have the wordpress folder then the unzipped folder which I dragged and dropped into the themes folder. Where is the admin page or better yet how do you access it? I was told if you go to wp-login.php you could get to the log in page, but this hasn’t been so with me. Where do you put that wp-login.php link with Thanks for the info.

    No, this is not “duplictae” – this is triple posting!

    Next time look around on the site and find your name at tthe top right and CLICK on Your profile to find your own posts!

    And we hate bumping. Bumping = reposting in less than 24 hours!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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