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  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to resolve a problem for a client.
    The issue they are having is that she cannot upload images using the flash uploader that are over 100KB in size. The browser uploader works. And she is able to upload from other computers (not sure if it using the flash uploader)

    The computer is running Windows 7 x64

    I have tried updating flash, removing and reinstalling flash, lowered browser secutity settings, added the address to the trusted sites list, and tested in another browser all with no luck. I have also completely cleaned all browser cache.

    The uploader stops at a different point per file (whatever % is after 100KB)

    Example: a 200KB file will stop at 50% consistently

    Any help would be greaT!

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  • Go to your php.ini file, In most cases it is located in your /home/cpanelusername directory if you are running cpanel or /usr/var/local if you are on linux with no control panel.

    Look for the line in the file labeled something like “max_upload_limit”

    Change the value from I think 10mb is default to whatever you want however be careful not to over do it if you are on a shared server it will put the CPU to high and some hosting company’s will suspend you.

    It works from other computers running XP, and the files stop at 100KB.
    Files under 100KB work fine.

    Any possibility that computer has a virus? If large files upload fine on other computers but not on one particular one, then there is no other option but that something on that computer is inhibiting file uploads(virus, firewall, anti-virus software). The only other option is that the computer is on a slow internet connection and the upload is timing out.

    I highly doubt there is a virus, as the client just got 4 brand new Win 7 x64 machines and it won’ work on those ones either

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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