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  • why i unable upload image on my server ?
    and it display this text “Unable to create directory /home/a5287547/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2009/01. Is its parent directory writable by the server?”

    my site is using Cpanel , so what must i do ?

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    Make sure that there’s an uploads folder and that it’s writable. It should be set 777.

    Once you have CHMOD the directory to 777 you might want to try using the browser uploader instead of the Flash Uploader, the flash uploader has been problematic for us in the past because we also run mod_security. The Browser Uploader has worked well for our clients.

    Unable to create directory /wp-content/uploads/2009/01. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    I am unable to upload image from my wordpress blog site and get the above message.
    I have tried both the FLASH and the BROWSER mode.
    Also, I checked in the Cpanel the permission code for folder of 01 of 2009 is at 755 and all the images in 01 folder are at 644.

    In fact I have been loading pictures successfuly in the Jan folder of 2009 till yesterday when strangely this problem started.

    Please guide me how should I get rid of this problem? I am a beginer in websites and other technical aspects so please explain me step by step.



    @ storyinframes

    since you had been loading images successfully my guess is that you ran out of disk space. Check with your hosting company to see if this is the case.



    Possible reasons to upload problems are,
    Directory permissions,

    1. /wp-content/uploads should should have proper permission 755 is good enough. Do not go for 777.

    2. Disk space – Login to your hosting account and check your disk space. Make sure minimum of 20 MB free space is available. Though wordpress is a light weight CMS it will occupy more space as and when you grow in number of posts.

    3. Plugins – Install plugins like Next gen gallery or picture gallery plugins and try uploading images and inserting them in your posts.

    Hope this Helps.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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