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  • I am having an issue updating existing posts on my 3.6.1 installation. I can pull up a post in edit mode and make changes, but when I hit the Update button, the font of the post changes in the edit window changes. If I hit the Update button a second time, the content of the post disapears and the post becomes blank.

    I recently had an issue with a plugin and had to rename the plugin folder through FTP in order to get the admin screen up to deactivate it. I deleted the plugin. I’m pretty sure that the two issues are related, but have no idea how to troubleshoot. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated.


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  • Hi Erik,

    To start of with, which was the plugin that gave you problems? This should help us determine what the plugin does and if the issue is related, it would be easier to trace the issue.

    Thanks for the quick response, WPWhiteSecurity. The plugin was Simple Mail Address Encoder and there were other people having an issue with it ->

    I renamed the directory through FTP in order to bring up my admin screen then deleted the plugin.


    Checked the code of the plugin and can confirm that your issue might be related to the plugin.

    Though I cannot really determine what it could be because if you deleted the plugin directory, the filters it created and uses are no longer active. In that case maybe you can contact the plugin developer for assistance?

    Hi WPWhiteSecurity,

    I reinstalled the plugin without activating it and that recreated the plugin directory. Is there any information I could post that would help indicated a solution?

    I think if you just explain the situation, the plugin author should understand the issue.

    Ok. Will give that a shot. Thanks for your help!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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