• I’m so glad I tested this plugin before using it on my life site!
    I was very happy with the functionality, but it’s too bloated for my purposes. So after uninstalling it, I checked my tables and what’s in there…. 14 database tables that were left in my database. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen plugins leave their data behind in case you want to use the data later. So I reinstall the plugin and see there’s a “delete all” setting…. Nice setting, but it runs and runs…. Came back an hour later and still running….
    This is definitely not a plugin for me! Maybe a bug idk just be sure to test this before installing it on jour life site!

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  • Plugin Author Ben Sibley


    Thanks for trying out Independent Analytics.

    I’m sorry that the option to delete all data didn’t work on your site. We’re not aware of any outstanding bugs with this feature, but we can help you debug this and get it working on your site if you’d like.

    We don’t automatically delete data because it would be catastrophic for someone to lose months/years of their analytics data if they delete the plugin by accident.

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