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    Everything about the plugin can be translated (also by WPML). However, the ” Waitlist Button Text” which defaults to “Join Waitlist” cannot be translated. If you change to something else, it also cannot be translate. Can you fix this? It is a great deal because that’s the first thing people are going to see before they can join the waitlist.

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  • The plugin is storing that value in options table so you have to tell your translation plugin to “catch” that variable (i.e. “option_name” = “xoo-wl-gl-bntxt”).
    If you are using WPML you have to upload a wpml-config.xml file under woocommerce waitlist folder crafted like this:

    <key name=”xoo-wl-gl-bntxt”>

    And then you can translate your content in “WPML String translation” page.

    Hope this helps



    I did that. Uploaded the xml to the waitlist plugin main directory, did a scan on it using WPML, then I checked the string translation section for the waitlist but that button string is still not there.

    i’m using Qtranslate-x, i try to translate a button text using following format but not working:

    [:en]This is text button[:fr]This is French

    Kindly advise how i can translate the text, thanks

    The button text is missing l10n call.
    wp-content/plugins/waitlist-woocommerce/includes/xoo-wl-public.php line 113:
    $btn_html = ‘get_min_purchase_quantity().'” style=”‘.$style.'”>’.$xoo_wl_gl_bntxt_value.’‘;^M
    $btn_html = ‘get_min_purchase_quantity().'” style=”‘.$style.'”>’.__($xoo_wl_gl_bntxt_value, ‘waitlist-woocommerce’).’‘;

    but there are more localization issues with this plugin (it seems unlikely that the author ever tried to make this work):

    – changing the button text in settings will fail message .mo lookup
    – the plugin registration with ‘plugins_loaded’ breaks l10n (‘init’ worked)
    – qTranslate-X won’t help here, there’s no filter registered with the button text

    I’d like to share the translation I made, but it’s unclear how.



    Hi Hnhn2, there is no such file wp-content/plugins/waitlist-woocommerce/includes/xoo-wl-public.php

    This issue is not resolved. I don’t know who marked it as resolved.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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