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  • Great reviews are meaningless. I don’t know if the people making the claims even exist. What I do know is I don’t buy or recommend plugins that are untestable – and this one is. I also don’t spend my clients money on something untestable for their product.

    Until the developer is willing to open up some of the end user / front end functionality there is no way to determine if this provides the functionality I’m looking for.

    so… if you’re willing to take a 50 euro gamble and hope that has the look and feel you want, and provides the functionality you need give the developer 50 euros from your pocket or your clients pocket. As for me – I’ll find another plugin I can do a preliminary sanity check with before spending money.

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  • esmi


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    Poor reviews without even attempting to contact the plugin’s author with any issues by posting a topic in the plugin’s dedicated sub-forum are also pretty pointless.

    Plugin Author firebird75


    The free release allows you to post an unlimited number of tickets through the admin side. So rather than shouting, why haven’t you tested it?

    Then you can trial the frontend features on the demo site. Easy isn’t it?

    When you buy a Ferrari, do you think Ferrari will give it to you for one month for free to test it? Certainly not. When you buy a flat, do you think you’ll have a chance to sleep into it for a week for free before buying it? Not as well. So your comments regarding my plugin which has a free release fully working to submit tickets are just noise…

    The publisher fails to differentiate, on this site and their own, the differences in available functionality between the free version and the paid for version.

    Regarding the free and paid versions the developer’s website fails to identify any differences in functionality Developers FAQ between the two versions.

    Additionally, the information on this site also fails to identify any functional differences between the two versions, and based upon its presentation indicates the free product provides a host of functionality that it does not offer.

    These problems were noted in prior reviews and remain unresolved.

    A review is just that – a review. A review is not a request for technical support. In reviewing a product the reviewer identifies what they like and didn’t like about the product, along with any identifiable strengths and weaknesses. Reviews are based upon their experience with the product and the reviewer closes with a recommendation. Reviews of software, hardware, movies, theatre productions and more all work on the same principles.

    Plugin Author firebird75


    Is it a joke? Everything is highlighted there :

    All the différences are clearly highlighted and when a feature is only available in the premium release, it is clearly mentionned, in both websites and in the options page.

    Maybe you didn’t took the time to read…

    This isn’t a flame war. It’s a review based upon user experience. That’s all it is.

    Regarding your question about the Ferrari – Yes, you do get to take it for a test drive to make sure that model has the functionality you need. Does it handle like you expect it to? Do the wipers give you, the potential buyer, the kind of visibility in the rain you like? Is there enough leg room for you? etc. Your correct in saying you don’t get to keep it, but the potential purchaser has enough opportunity with the vehicle to make sure it meets their basic requirements / expectations.

    Same thing with a flat. You get to walk the flat, measure the rooms to make sure your stuff fits, look out the windows to determine if you can live with the view. You’re correct in saying you don’t get to sleep in it for a month, but the potential renter/buyer does get enough of an opportunity to make sure it will meet their basic requirements / expectations.

    Back to the review. Mom and Pop businesses, like I do work for, aren’t running IT businesses. Most are barely IT literate. They run salons, restaurants, stores, etc. Pulling up their website to enter a support issue from a phone call doesn’t make sense to them. They want some kind of web support system that is easy for them and their web based customers to use. But they want and need to “see” what the front end looks like and how the “look and feel” matches or doesn’t match their expectations. They need to watch it operate. with enough limited functionality, to let them determine if its something they can deal with.

    I’m not saying you should open up the full functionality in the free version. You put a lot of work into the plug and deserve to be rewarded for it.

    The review is simple – because it is currently impossible to see how the front end integrates within a users site, and its currently impossible to watch the front end do a couple of tricks, purchasing it is a gamble. The purchaser may end up spending 50 euro for something that doesn’t “fit” their need. That’s all.

    Plugin Author firebird75


    Bottom line, you haven’t took the required time to go through the features list and trial the frontend features.

    And no Ferrari won’t let you take the car away to your home to see if it fits your garage. Same for the flat, you won’t have an idea if it is really good for you before you really live in it for few weeks. So your review is just noise and trolling.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I have asked the Plugin Review team to take a look at the plugin to determine if there is an issue to answer.

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