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    I need to ask a question about SSL, mixed content and how to stop images loading from an an insecure area.

    I am going around and around in circles wordpress. I read on on forum answer that you just had to go to the bottom of the page to be able to start a new topic. Well, when i got to the forum page I need to ask from there is not option to start a topic.

    Administration Over SSL

    So frustrating. I need to ask a question in the wrong category – like this one – just to get some help?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Felipe Santos


    Hi there,

    Don’t worry about the categories. It is just the way we organize the forums.

    I believe the best solution is loading a script that finds out the mixed content, and fix it for you. I really recommend this one:

    same here. I could not find anywhere the option to start or create a topic. Yes I can read the rules BEFORE and while having a hard time actually finding the option to start a topic which I could NOT find so far.

    I cannot find how to start a new topic either!!!!!!!

    Felipe Santos


    Hi there,

    Please go to the forums page, then select the forum that you need help with (if you can’t find it so you can go to the Everything else WordPress Forum).

    There you will be able to see a “Create Topic” button. Just press it, and open a new topic.

    Felipe Santos


    Thank you for your quick response. I created the desired topic and am waiting for another helpful reply.



    Felipe Santos


    You are welcome!

    Actually, I also pointed out a way to improve it:

    I hope that it helps! 🙂



    I need help with a plugin and I can’t figure out how to start a topic!! I don’t get this and it sucks! Please help!

    DASHBOARD : What to do about continual login requests for each click at my dashboard? Is this a new bug? (I always click REMEMBER ME.)

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    @meridagoround, please you ask this is the appropriate place? The place to post has been answered previously in this thread. Cheers.

    Hi, How do I start Topic?

    All the other Table Formatting topics are closed.

    I find the table add function to be too basic without using colSpan directives. Which means I need to access the HTML of the table inserted. Also, when I’m building a table, I never know how many rows there will be. Usually, I make too many and insert more and then truncate what I don’t need.

    Also, I’ve seen blocks that allow code. But I want the code to function as a file would. What am I doing wrong?

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    Hallo @lehayes,

    To start a new topic, you choose the appropriate section of the forum here:

    Once you have selected the appropriate sub-forum (e.g., you will see a button with + Create Topic below the name of the sub-forum’s description.

    That having been said, I am somewhat confused by your question, as you have previously (and recently) started a topic on the forums.
    While I do not presume to know your intentions, only tangentially linking your own question to someone else’s can appear spammy.
    Please create your own thread to ask your question.

    Thank you.

    Hi all,
    I’m going to close this thread, since it’s not really productive.
    Since, obviously, a lot of people find this thread while they’re trying to find where to post their question, I’ll try to give some hints.

    1. If your question is about a commercial plugin or theme, then you should use whatever support channels the vendor of your plugin or theme offers. Questions about paid versions of plugins/themes shall NOT be discussed in these forums (not even in the forum for the corresponding free version of the same plugin or theme).

    2. If you’ve found some vulnerability in WordPress (or the webspace), then you should report this via
    If you’ve found some vulnerability in a plugin, then try to contact its developer. If you find no way to do that in a secure (non-public) channel, or if you get no response, then send an email about the problem to

    3. If you want to promote a site or a product or whatever… Please don’t. This is not the place for that.

    4. If you want to publish a blog post about whatever… Then these forums are not the place for that.

    5. If your question is about using the services of, then please go to their support channels. (i.e. )

    6. If you’ve reached this far, then remember:
    These forums is a place where users of the free WordPress software can ask for help from other users of WordPress, who volunteer some of their time to help. Nobody is obliged to help you, not even the developer of the plugin/theme you’re using.
    Plugins and themes that are available here at have each their own support forum. Visit the plugin page and click on the tab “support”; Visit the theme page and hit the button “View support forum” to get there. Before posting there, check for any sticky topic in the beginning of the list, where the developer may have posted useful information. (For instance, the plugin forum has a sticky post that tells you about )

    7. For questions around WordPress, try to find the best match among the forums listed in

    8. Now that you’ve found the right forum:
    Have a look if someone has already got an answer on your question. That saves time for you and everyone else. BUT: please don’t jump in on existing topics with a “I’ve got this problem, too” or “I’ve got a similar problem”. Instead: start your own topic. At the top of each forum, there’s a button “Create new topic”, which simply rolls down to the bottom of the listing page, where the form is located.

    9. If the problem you’re referring to is on a publicly available page, then you can put a URL in the special field. That URL is only visible to logged-in users, so Google and other search engines won’t see it. Everything else you write in the forum goes public. So don’t put information that you don’t want to make publicly available.

    And remember: we’re all just fellow users here. Try to be nice and constructive, even if you’re stressed because you site isn’t working.

    If you want to read more, have a look at
    If you want to help fellow users, look at

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