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  • Hello, to begin with I am not a programmer I like things to work out of the box where possible. I know this question has come up in various forms but I have got nowhere to finding the answer.

    Simply put, I want to show extracts of posts on my home page and followed with the “more” link.

    On the “screen options” at the top of the post editor I have checked “extract” but this makes no difference. In fact checking any of those boxes does not seem to change anything.

    Following an online tutorial I attempted to edit the theme “index.php” in the attempt to change “the_content” to “the_extract” but I was unable to find the line that referred to content.

    The theme I am using “ZeeBusiness” and I am wondering if this feature is ultimately controlled from the theme. I have also tried the plug-in “Read More Inine” but that doesn’t work either..

    Hoping someone can help,

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  • I’m getting frustrated by the minute here. What I am asking for I consider to be a very basic function. I’m also aware that many people do not like the abbreviated post with the “Read more” prompt.

    It would seem to me that this is achieved mainly through the themes. Therefore what theme(s) can I use. I am fed up of downloading so many scenes and none of them are working properly.

    I know this is probably not the place to ask but is there an alternative to WordPress that is aimed at basic operation for people like myself who just want to run a simple personal website without all the programming? Because I’m beginning to feel that WordPress may be too complex for me and it is such a big community that there seems to be little support in for Newbies.


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