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    I need to set the basic shipping option of “Flat Rate Shipping” & “Free Shipping” based on a Free Shipping Coupon for Orders above Rs.500/- for my site I have set the flat rate method at rs.50 per order,but the same is not visible on the Cart/Checkout pages.Instead on the Checkout Page under “Your Order-Shipping” it says “Please fill in your details above to see the available shipping methods’. I have tried all the options but nothing seems to work.
    How do I get the shipping in place? Please help.

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  • touteptite


    In Woocommerce > Setting > Shipping, is this option “Hide delivery fees until an address is entered” checked? If yes, maybe that why your shipping flat rate is not showing at the checkout page. Try to uncheck it!


    Yes, I tried that also – but its still not working! Weird but the shipping cost as “Flat Rate” is reflected only the 1st time on the Cart page,but if I go back to add new products or delete the current product & add another one, the shipping cost disappears! Also, on the Checkout page, under our Orders-Shipping, it still shows as “Please fill in above details to see available Shipping methods”, though I just have the “Flat Rate” method enabled.
    Please please help as it is very necessary for my site to get the right shipping rates!

    Thank you,


    Went on your site again.
    I added a product in the cart and now I have the product and the Flat rate is showing accurately.
    I went back on you shop page. I added another product (different) and the Flat rate is still showing accurately…
    I add a third one, and everything still ok..
    In the cart, I added one quantity to the first product (for a total of 2) and updated the cart and everything is still ok!!!

    So your cart is working well!!!

    On chechout page, I have no message under Your order – Shipping. The only message I have is this one (because I haven’t entered any billing address):
    Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.

    I emptied the cart, and try to register to test the cart once registered.. but I can’t… even if I enter a password an error message is appearing telling me to enter a password.


    Its good its showing on your end…I rechecked it over here – still facing the same issue! I also tried clearing the cache & deleting cookies,but its not working – once I clear the cart & add new products, the shipping on the Cart page disappears! also, on the check out page, it still shows “please fill in your details to see available shipping methods”
    One more thing – I have added a Free Shipping Coupon for orders above 500/-.But when I enter the coupon, the flat rate shipping is still added. How do I avoid that?

    P.S – I am still setting up the login/register page, so it was not working – it should work fine now (hopefully :-))

    Thank you very much,


    @sia16 – I’m happy to take a quick look for you.

    Feel free to send me a note here – shawn [at] extension works dot com

    Well, for the refresh/clear cache/delete cookies… I sometime have this issue to… I just log out everywhere (WP, FTP, etc.), I close every program, close my computer and wait a few minutes before restarting everything… I don’t why it happens…

    For your coupon, if you want to offer free shipping for everyone who order over 500/-, you don’t need the coupon… just set the Free Shipping method…. 😉
    If you’re not offering the free shipping for everyone who order over 500/-, then you have to check the “activate the free shipping” option in your coupon AND set the Free Shipping method (don’t forget to check the option “Coupon code”).

    And on my site, I offer different shipping methods. And Free shipping for orders over 150$. It is weird as when the cart reach 150$ or more, customers still have choices between “local pickup”, two shipping companies, or Free shipping…. But if they choose Free shipping or local pickup, nothing is added to the order total…

    On my site, I set the shipping method Flat Rate to 50$. Then in my Free Shipping method, I checked the Coupon Code option, and I created a free shipping coupon of 50$ (with the “activate free shipping” option checked).. and it works well.. without the coupon it is 50$ for shipping, and when entering the coupon I see -50$ just before the order total…

    I have the woo commerce plug in installed. I also have the code canyon Canada Post plug in. When I add items to the cart I get the following error: “Sorry, it seems that there are no available shipping methods for your location (Canada). If you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements please contact us.” I have shipping enabled for Canada and the US. It seems to work fine for flat rate shipping only, which I don’t want-I need the shipping calculator. I contacted my host-hostgator-and they said it was a problem with the woo commerce plugin, as did Code Canyon.
    I also receive the following error with the Yith Wishlist when I try to add wish list items to the cart:Fatal error: Call to undefined function icl_object_id() in /home4/uli/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yith-woocommerce-wishlist/add-to-cart.php on line 22. I have received no response from Yith. Can anyone help? I have WordPress 3.7.1. The URL is

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