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  • Good Evening WordPress Community!
    I seem to be having some trouble with a recent installation of WordPress.
    When testing it out, I have come upon a problem with the “Set Featured Image” and the “Insert Media” functions. It truly is a clean install, just installed it this afternoon.

    I can upload media no problem, but when I go to either “set featured image” or “insert media into post” nothing happens. I get the pop up, and I can choose an image from my media library, but the minute I select “Insert Into Page” or “Set Featured Image” the pop up disappears (like it would when selecting that option) but nothing happens.

    I have the deactivated the one and only plugin (Akismet) that came with the install, and the problem is still there.

    Any advice would truly be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Edit: Oh Goodness. I forgot to post the url:

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  • Hi lmabee! I’ve had this problem on my client’s site before as well. It’s either:

    1. A Javascript conflict that is interrupting the Insert into Page and Set Featured Image buttons

    2. Something is blocking admin-ajax.php which is preventing you from completing the action.

    I would first try to delete the wordpress files (everything except wp-content and wp-config.php) and re-uploading them. Sometimes files get corrupted in transit so this would fix that.

    If that doesn’t work, you’ll need someone to login to your site and have a closer look. I’m available if you need at Cheers!

    Thank you BlogJunkie for the suggestions!
    An odd thing happened while I was troubleshooting this problem. Somebody posted on another thread that the problem was only within the Chrome Browser.

    Sure enough, I opened my site in Internet Explorer, and Firefox and had no problems what so ever. It seems this issue is Chrome related?

    Yeah could be a browser issue. Chrome gets updates pretty often though so it might work again soon 🙂

    I had the exact same problem and went through hell trying to troubleshoot. (I was using chrome.) Then on a whim I gave it a shot in firefox and it works.

    Lost a day, but whatever. That’s why they pay us so much, right?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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