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    Hello all

    I have exhausted a fair amount of time troubleshooting this issue, so I now turn to you for help!

    My problem;

    1. I click ‘Set featured image’ when editing a post
    2. This displays the usual popup, but the media library tab is empty (the media library has images). I get an error when I add an image under the upload tab (this image does actually upload to the media library).

    Solutions that I have tried;

    1. De-activating all plugins
    2. Replacing all of the core files other than the wp-content folder
    3. Switching to the 2014 theme. This fixes the problem

    I am currently working on a local development with WAMP. I started with this biolerplate – It has now been heavily modified.

    I added a featured image to a post yesterday, so it was working. I have done a lot of work since, too much to backtrack. The problem is with my theme files. I just don’t know how to troubleshoot this problem?

    Many thanks in advance!

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    . I get an error when I add an image under the upload tab (this image does actually upload to the media library).

    What is that entire error?

    In addition to what Andrew said above, what are your file permissions for the /wp-content/uploads directory? Be sure that the correct owner and permissions are set. Typically, your permissions for folders will be 755.

    Thanks for responding!

    The error wasn’t very informative – like this;

    I would have presumed that file permissions would not be used on a local install, since the uploads folder is stored locally on my computer?


    As mentioned before, despite recieving the error when trying to upload from the featured image popup, the image does actually upload and appears when I access the media library directly.

    I just discovered this, looks like it may be the best way to troubleshoot my issue;

    The Debugging was of no use. Flagged up nothing.

    I did however find the problem! 🙂

    Having narrowed down my issue to changes within my custom theme, I began to revert important files to the originals and checking to see if the issue with the had been fixed.

    When I replaced the functions.php with the original the problem was fixed! So it was then just a case of comparing the original file to my latest broken version and making changes to make it work again.

    @JamieDK, what was the problem within your functions.php file that caused this conflict/error?

    A similar problem just started on one of my sites and I don’t think we’ve modified the functions file recently. Still trying to chase possibilities. Any ideas what your root cause was?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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