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    Dear Support,

    I’ve filtered through your help files in an attempt to self solve, but i’m been unsuccessful the issues i’m having which seem fairly major are the following:

    1. Full content is not being pulled in. I’m receiving the summaries to some degree and understand how to adjust the length, but when I click the link which takes me to a generated ‘post’ page i’m unable to see hardly any of the content

    2. Pulling images, in previous posts I see you suggested it may be a problem with the original source, but i’m pulling for giants such as mashable, hubspot, google, etc.,

    Here is the link to my page and the problem can be illustrated and replicated by simply observing first that no images are present and second if you click an article little of the content shows.

    Any help would be appreciated and thank you again for your time.

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  • I also created a page which shows the screen shots for my “FEED TO POST SETTINGS”

    Plugin Author Allen


    first, if the plugin will only bring in as much content as there is in the RSS first make sure there is content in the RSS feed (which various RSS feeds don’t have much content.

    second, everything depends (including images) on whether the feed has images, if there aren’t images, nothing will show up.

    So, are you sure the feeds have a bunch of content and images?

    Also, if you looking for marketing content, go to which has much better marketing information that hubspot 🙂


    I do follow MarketingProf, but i don’t want to get bogged down with bringing in the desired feeds without perfecting the pull of data. I do know that the feeds have more than 10-20 words and thus far i’ve been unable to pull the whole article, that seems to be more of an issue than working out the images although it is also an issue

    Plugin Author Allen


    Ok. Show me a specific feed that you know has a lot of content but you are not able to bring in

    On my homepage under ‘recent articles’ you have the following post “Google turns your favorite website into …”


    1.No thumnail on that article unless clicked at which point it displays
    2.Once displayed the formatting is off, I notice text just to the left of the image “A Google”
    3.It only displays a portion of the article, is it supposed to pull the entire piece or just up to a certain amount of characters?

    URL which illustrates the above

    URL to the original article

    Thanks for the help, i really do try to self solve before posting

    Plugin Author Allen


    right…that has nothing to do with my plugin…that has everything to do with your theme…as you can see when you click to see the whole post, the whole post is there including the image. It’s your theme that is configured not to show the image, etc, not the plugin

    ok … so i’ll assume that typically your plugin would call in the entire article rather than a truncated version?

    Additionally i’ll assume you took a peek at my feed to post settings, which I included in the initial post, and they were all on par with what should produce the desired full article effect.

    That being the case – thanks for the help

    Plugin Author Allen


    depending on your theme, I would consider making the image a featured image (in the settings) as your theme determines what to do with the featured image…other than that, your settings are pulling in what you asked for and are about what others are setting to do the same thing.

    Also, my plugin pulls in the number of words/characters you specify, assuming that amount exists in the feed…if it’s in the feed.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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