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  • Today I noticed that I can not select the post-type “page” from the dropdown in the Widget options.

    When I mouse over the list the dropdown will close without being able to choose. The option “post” works, probably since its the default.

    I uninstalled/reinstalled the plugin, disabled all possible plugins, but that did not help.
    Also was able to reproduce the behavior in another 3.5 test install. I double checked a website with 3.4.2 with practically the same plugins and template and there everything is normal.

    So it look like its related to the 3.5 WordPress version.

    Any ideas ? And can someone maybe confirm the behavior in another setup?

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  • I agree and confirm what And_or says, and I am seeing the same thing with WP 3.5.

    In addition, the ‘Select’ dropdown to Include or Exclude has the same issue with closing without being able to choose.

    In addition, the ‘Content Type’ dropdown for Show Content, Show Excerpt, etc, has the same issue with closing without being able to choose.

    Looking in Firebug console, it looks like admin-ajax.php is the conflicting issue.


    Meanwhile discover the following:

    While fiddling about I now find that it will work, when you do it like click & drag. So click the dropdown arrow and keep the mousebutton pressed and then release it after the desired option is highlighted.

    The dropdown for “Order By” (title, parent, etc.) does not need this behavior.. there you can just click and then click again to select. In fact after clicking to open the dropdown, it will show you the list and does not close until you click it again (or anywhere next to it).

    Adding a voice of agreement on this. Found this issue arrived with 3.5. Can be gotten around by the workaround noted by @webtaurus. Love the plugin, hope it’s updated soon.

    Another workaround is to click with the mouse then use the down arrow and enter key on the keyboard. Looks like an update has not been done for a while, hope it’s updated as it’s a nice little widget for fine tuning the look and feel of pages.

    It’s certainly an annoying bug, as all my sites are 3.5 now and all use this plugin. Hopefully someone smarter than I will find a patch.

    I’m seeing the same selection problem noted by others. Not a show-stopper, but it certainly requires being careful with the posts.

    I have the same problem in multiple browsers.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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