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  • Hi,

    I am in the process of setting up my Facebook business page with my woocommerce website. However, I am unable to select the pixel.

    Here is what I have tried…

    Via Facebook Events Manager:
    Set up new pixel
    Got new pixel name and pixel number

    Via wordpress dashboard > Marketing > Facebook:
    Clicked the blue ‘Get Started’ button
    (Taken to Facebook) Asked, ‘Continue As [my name]’
    Clicked ‘My Name’ blue button
    (Next page) Clicked ‘Get Started’ blue button after selecting all 3 options (facebook ads, Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping)
    (Next page) Select Business Manager – selected my business. Clicked ‘Continue# blue button
    (Next page) Connect Facebook Business Page – selected my page. Clicked ‘Continue’ blue button
    (next page)Connect Instagram – selected my business instagram. Clicked ‘Continue’ blue button
    (next catalogue)Select Catalogue -selcted my shop catalogue. Clicked ‘Continue’ blue button
    (next page)Select Facebook Pixel – UNABLE TO SELECT PIXEL, GREYED OUT. ON HOVER, ERROR MESSAGE ‘You need permission from the admin of [My Name] to connect this pixel. Contact the account admin. I AM THE ACCOUNT ADMIN!
    ————————-See screen shot—————————————-

    Via Facebook Events Manager:
    Clicked ‘Continue Pixel Setup’ blue button
    (Next page) Choose How You Want To Install Pixel Code – Clicked ‘Use a Partner’ blue button
    (next page) Select Partner – Clicked ‘Woocommerce’
    (next page) Asked to download plugin – or – ‘Next’ I click ‘Next’
    (next 3 pages instructions on how to install plugin and connect to Facebook)
    (next page) Verify Conncetion – Conncetion is ‘Active’ with green dot. Clicked ‘Next’
    (next page) Set Up Events – Error message at bottom of screen, ‘We haven’t received any events for the pixel [PIXEL_NAME (id number)]. Please check that the pixel code on your website is set up correctly. Learn More.’

    Where am I going wrong?

    Any suggestions would be grateful. Thanks



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  • Plugin Support B C. a11n


    Hi there,

    (next page)Connect Instagram – selected my business Instagram. Clicked ‘Continue’ blue button

    Please leave the Instagram option deselected and see if that allows you to select the pixel.

    You may want to make sure there are browser or site cache too.

    Let us know how it goes!

    Thread Starter agizzie


    Hi @battouly

    Thanks for getting back to me with you rsuggestion, however, it di not work. I have cleared cache too.


    Plugin Support Chris Moreira – a11n


    Hello @agizzie!

    Thanks for that update!

    Are you able to create a new pixel? — I see you have the option as well. Do you have any errors by creating a new pixel?

    Thread Starter agizzie


    Hi @chrism245

    Thanks for your suggestion, I created a new pixel and yhis time appaered to be working. I received a facebook message saying they were to review my set up then,
    I got all the woocommerce splash page, ‘We are would like to redirect you to [my domain] – ‘YES THAT’S MY SITE’ ‘ (slightly parphrasing)

    I click the button to redirect to my site’s dashboard to where I was greeted with the following error, ‘Heads up! It looks like there was a problem with reconnecting… – please see screen shot

    Plugin Support Joey – a11n


    Hi @agizzie – I’m sorry your support request got lost in our backlog. Do you happen to still need assistance here?

    Thread Starter agizzie


    Hi @jricketts4

    I think I’m good…for now. I gave it another crack this morning and it looks like it has linked this time.

    Thanks for getting back to me, I’ll give you a shout should I need to.

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