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  • Add-on GF-MPv 1.1.12
    GF 2.4.15
    MP 3.41.0

    I seem to be having the same issue as janinha0912. I recently moved to your add-on from “Gravity Forms New Mailpoet 3 Add on” by Sonar Press v 1.0.0 It had stopped subscribing completely.
    It was deleted and Add-on GF-MP 1.1.12 was installed and activated. It has much of the same look as the previous plugin.
    However it subscribes user to all lists regardless of list selected in add-on feed.
    To test, I switch test user to unsubscribed and delete lists in MP>subscriber list.
    Then subscribe through form.
    When subscribed through MP form, it works fine.
    When subscribed through GF form, it subscribes them all instead of the one indicated.
    I was using conditionals on GP-MP feed, but even with conditionals off the problem occurs.
    I have tried new GF forms, ect with no success and am out of options.


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    As a follow up, I ran a test on a production site. Instead of reusing an existing subscription email, I used a test email completely unknown to the production site. In that case, the email subscription was completely lost. There was no entry in the subscriber list. (as opposed to a subscription to every list.)

    Hello, I’ve reinstalled wordpress in localhost and installed the plugins. Everything works perfectly. No issue. In your case, my best guess it is a plugin confliction issue. Please disable all the other plugins and try again.

    Also do you see any error in your php log? It’s hard to tell where is the error without identifying it. Please check your php log & let us know if you see an error in your php/debug log.


    Thread Starter nativuedave


    You are probably right in that it is an issue with a configuration file or plugin. I’ve already turned off all non-critical plugins to no avail.
    At this point I’ve decided not to use the add-on. It would be nice to use it, but adds unnecessary complexity to the site.
    Thank you for your help:)

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