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  • This plugin works as a widget, so you’d have to create a sidebar for your theme. It probably doesn’t matter if the sidebar is invisible to users, as this plugin uses absolute positioning. You might need to add a visibility or display setting in your theme CSS to display the plugin when the sidebar containing it is hidden.

    Hi Daedalon,

    Thnx for your valuable quick response to my problem, As per ur suggestion I created sidebars and made hidden, its working super πŸ™‚

    very good support from you πŸ™‚

    More over I need to confirm one doubt, all these feedback comments will store in database.

    I got one design issue in chrome, I am using floating option with bottom right(0,0) which displays perfectly.

    Once I clicked the tab, the form is sliding perfectly with the gap between means 10px height space is coming between the tab and form only in chrome browser, rest of the browsers are running perfectly.

    Please help me again, my boss wants with pixel perfect ):

    Hi Rajesh_w, glad to hear you got things working. I don’t have experience with Chrome, so cannot help you there. You have to seek a solution from the almighty Google or another alternative πŸ™‚

    thnx for d response πŸ™‚ gr8 support from ur end πŸ™‚

    The form is working absolutely perfect, but it was adding wordpress before the email id, for reference please find below

    from: WordPress

    it has to show only email id to my inbox, why wordpress before the email ?
    can u help me ?

    Try changing the plugin settings (not only the widget settings). If that doesn’t help, the general settings of your WordPress installation.

    I think we need to write code for senders name, that is the reason it was taking default senders name.

    I tried for solution from google, got like below hint πŸ™‚ any helpful
    WordPress assigns β€œWordPress” as a sender name if the settings have not been formatted.

    I found the solution πŸ™‚


    To change the send name (rather than address) change line from:
    $from_name = ‘WordPress’;
    $from_name = get_option(‘blogname’);

    It works gr8 πŸ™‚


    how can I get this label name in the form, so that i can use this as a sender name in email,

    $from_name = ‘WordPress’;
    $from_name = get_option(‘blogname’);

    Instead of blog name I want to set label name, could u help me ?

    What do you mean by “label name”? Depending on that, you might find your answer by looking at the code of this plugin, as it contains a setting for altering the sender name and thus two ways of retrieving a value for it.

    When the question is about WordPress internals, is the best source.

    In the sliding contact form widget, we are having textbox to create email, name and comments.

    So I need to get the email and name as the sender name and email

    for reference please find below :
    Name : Rajesh
    Email :
    comments : testing

    So once I click the send button, I need to get the sender name as Rajesh not wordpress

    from : Rajesh

    How can I fix this ?

    There’s a setting for this in the plugin general settings (not the per-widget-settings).


    1)when we set the options in widget area for sliding forms offset (0,0)with floating option the form tab will come to bottom right side to the browser which is working very good, but wen I re-size the browser the floating tab is going down to the browser which is not visible ):

    How to fix this issue, when we re-size the browser the floating form tab must behave exactly like bottom right side to the browser!

    2)Another bug like all browsers are coming good except chrome, once we click on the tab the sliding form is coming good and the tab is going down (getting space between the tab and form)

    Any help ? Thnx in advance

    hey daedalon

    I added same background color so it clears the space in chrome πŸ™‚

    Good to hear you found a solution πŸ™‚

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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