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    I have just set up WordPress for the first time. It is working in the default theme. I then downloaded ePhoto theme, and followed the instructions to upload the plugins and theme.

    The ftp directory can be seen at:

    which I believe shows the plugins and theme in the proper place. I then go to the WP control panel, plugins section. I see the ‘Lightroom 2’ plugin, but neither the ‘WP Page Navi’ nor ‘Wp Post Ratings’ plugins show up. Here is a screenshot of the plugins control:


    When I go the themes, I see 23 themes made available by my ISP, but I do not see ‘ePhoto’ in the set, though the first screenshot above shows that it is in the themes folder.

    What have I done wrong, and how do I get access to these plugins and theme???

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    First off, you shouldn’t have BOTh an index.htm and index.php in that www folder 🙂 But that’s not thr problem.

    The shot shows that you also have a folder on www called ( has that at the top-ish). Perhaps THAT’S where WP is installed?

    Bingo! Thanks – that was exactly the problem. I had installed WP into the wrong folder, and it had not worked. When I asked my host ISP about the database problem, they responded that they had fixed the database issue.

    They didn’t say that they reinstalled WP into the mindstormphoto subfolder, but when I checked, that was exactly what they had done.

    I have now deleted the superfluous WP (and the extra index.html), put the plugins and theme in the proper place, and all is well with the world.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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