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    Hi can you tell me if it is possible to see multiple pages in the preview? I think that is the source of my style issue. I have 4 pages in my form but can ONLY see the 1st page of my form when I go into Styles & Layouts? While the 1st page is perfect. I have fields on the other pages that DO NOT appear on the 1st page. So I am unable to style them effectively. It also seems that when I preview my saved draft, ALL of the form settings DO NOT apply to ALL PAGES of the form. New to WP. Can anyone assist? Or give me some suggestions?

    Ex. The page widths on the 1st page (the only one that I can see when the plugin loads) DO NOT apply to the other 3 pages even though it is set and saved in the form wrapper. The 1st-page sizes according to the values of the form wrapper. But the other 3 pages the field go full screen.

    EX. Text in fields that are set to plain text, appear bold on every page past the 1st page.

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    The issue was resolved via email support.

    The following details are for users who maybe interested in knowing the answer for the above question.

    ‘Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms’ is based on WordPress Customizer which doesn’t let you navigate between form pages as of now.

    The design you create is global for that form and it will automatically apply on the pages in the fronted.

    If you want to view the design of the complete form then you have to temporarily remove the ‘page breaks’ and then design the form using ‘Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms’.

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