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  • Please assist if you can with this strange issue affecting all my WordPress plugins and plugin directory search. During the Thanksgiving weekend I noticed that I was unable to search the WordPress plugin directory within my dashboard for At first I thought this problem affected everyone on WordPress – because I found related posts from 2 years ago. But then I realized that this wasn’t a widespread phenomenon. I tested it on PC and on Mac in these browsers and the behavior is identical: FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer.

    When I click Plugins in the sidebar, all my installed plugins show fine, and that’s good. But then I have several strange behaviors:
    – 1. On the Install Plugins page (, there is a section entitled “Popular tags” with subtitle “You may also browse based on the most popular tags in the Plugin Directory” – that section is completely blank. Here is a screenshot:
    – 2. When I type any term in the search field and click the Search Plugins button (for example, term “social” should return thousands of results), I get no results. It doesn’t matter what term or terms I type and whether I search for a tag or a keyword or author, I always get nothing. Here is a screenshot:
    – 3. On the Plugins page that lists all my installed plugins (, if I click on the View Version XXX Details link for any plugin for which a new update is available, the screen darkens and I see the familiar popup that is supposed to show the information about the new plugin version, but the popup is mal-formatted. See the screenshot:

    Oddly, I have another website (, where I am using an identical theme from YooTheme, where the issues don’t persist. The only difference is that on this other site I have WordPress 3.4.1, while the site where I am having the issue has the latest – 3.4.2. However, version 3.4.2 is not the problem – I know this because the issue appeared several weeks after I upgraded to 3.4.2.

    This is about it. Please help troubleshoot if this is a familiar issue for you. Many thanks ~

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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