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  • Please forgive this stupid question. I’ve driven myself crazy searching for an answer. What I’m hoping is that someone can let me know where to go from here in troubleshooting. I am unable to publish new posts on one of my blogs. This occurs whether I am logged in as admin or any other user. I cannot think of anything “strange” that I have done recently to cause this behavior to start occurring. However, I have recently changed hosts, and I notice they installed Zend, which I read was causing problems for some people. I am using the most up to date edition of WP. One interesting thing that I found out is when the post.php runs, I receive the following as a result

    and nothing shows up.

    However, when I save a post on another of my blogs, I receive this

    and it saves the post fine. I just see that there is post=0 in the first case and post=some number in the second. Also, it doesn’t matter whether I save the post, save and continue editing, or publish. Nothing happens in any case.

    Also, I checked in the database, and none of the test posts are being saved to the database. I don’t know if any of this is helpful, but I would so deeply appreciate any advice.

    Thanks so much!!!!!

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  • HI there… Can you try doing this and see if it fixes your problem?

    Log into yor WordPress Admin and under the “Users” section:

    1. Got to “Authors & Users” and check your username, select “Set the Role of checked users to:Administrator” and click on the Update button.

    2. Go back to Users and just click on Update profile.

    Hope this helps to fix the “wierd” problem… 🙂

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