• I’ve been using Better WordPress Security for a while without incident. However, I just created a problem for myself on one site: I tried enabling file-checking (which I’ve used on other WP sites without a problem), which created some kind of out-of-memory error that effectively disabled the site. The only way I was able to get back in was to rename the plugin folder to deactivate the plugin.

    The problem now is that I can’t reactive it. If I rename it back to its original folder name, it recreated the same memory error. I can’t completely uninstall the plugin either. If I delete it and try to install it fresh, activate it will return a fatal error.

    I’m guessing the reason for that is that BWPS has already renamed the wp-content folder, changed the database table prefix, and changed the admin user id number, and that one or more of those changes still being extant prevents the plugin from reactivating.

    Is there a way to reactivate it WITHOUT changing the folder name and database table prefix back to default?


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