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  • i have trying to install a new wordpress for my domain but fantastico on my cpanel insists on removing manually the previous files fo wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes
    and thats where I am puzzled cause it allows me to dlete the content of those files but not the files themselves and the result is that the content is coming back…i mean what am i doing wrong…there is no option for delete when I try to delete the main files…please help anybody?

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  • What are using to delete the folders if you using filezilla it will let you delete the folders and content else you will need log in host panel and delete from file manager.

    thanks for the reply….and that’s the weird thing ..i have been trying to do this now for more then two hours and it simply doesn’t delete it…
    both Filezilla and the cpanels file managers do not delete
    frustration doesn’t come close to what I am feeling here…how terrible not being able to even delete a file…

    Was there an existing installation of WordPress on this domain? If so why do you want a new install? It sounds very odd that you can’t delete the files/folders.

    You can select what folder to create and install WordPress to via Fantastico, I think the default is ‘wp’.

    Try renaming the existing installation to say OLD_wordpress and then tell Fantastico to use ‘WordPress’ as the folder name to install to.

    This should install a fresh copy in the new folder. Although it doesn’t help with the problem your having deleting the old folders…weird.

    Hi Zane
    Weird indeed…I’ve never came across something like that…
    Yes. there was a previous installation but the blog had only two posts and was hacked into about a month ago…since then I had all kinds of password problems unable to log in to dashboard and such…I thought to do a fresh install, deleted everything but those three files that just won’t budge..
    I will try to do what you suggest…hope it will work
    thank you…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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