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  1. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have made a forum using bbpress but I have some issues with integrating the software with wordpress.

    I also wanted to see if I can change the header to match my wordpress style.

    I am unable to register with bbpress as I am not receiving a password email from them. My email address is correct in their registration box.

    I've also tried resetting the password but that doesn't work either.

    Is there anyway that this message can be passed on to bbpress?

  2. Which bbPress? The plugin or the stand alone app?

    Also you can use the exact same account info you use here to log in at bbpress.org :) It's magic!

  3. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I assume that it's a plug in because it#s linked to my website.

    If it isn't how can I tell the difference?

  4. Is it listed in wp-admin/plugins.php? :)

  5. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm getting there!

    I've now installed the bbpress plug ins. They are listed in the widgets page.
    There is also a forum section in the dashboard menu.

    This is where I'm confused and feel like a pint even though it's not a regular event.

    I've created a forum page as I assume that you need to drag and drop the widgets somewhere. If so I need to make the menu on the forum page different from the rest of the blog site otherwise users will have trawl to the centre of the Earth to find the listings. How can I do this?

    or where do a drag and drop the forum widgets so that the forum page shows the forums in the centre of the page and has a menu to the right side?

    Do I need to continue with the integration steps on the bbpress site? If so I have a problem with that as well. The bbpress site asks to cut some cut and paste info from the following fields (i think they used to be called tuples) from wordpress; secure_auth and Mu_primary_log. They are not displayed in the link that bbpress gives to find them; http://what-do-christians-believe.co.uk/wp/wp-admin/options.php; .
    If I need them where can I find them?

  6. You should ask this on bbPress.

    And by the way, you already have an account there: http://bbpress.org/forums/profile/tony-webb

    If you have an account HERE on wordpress.org, you log in with the same ID and password there :)

  7. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you for your reply.

    The widgets/ plug ins are in wordpress. I just need the information on how to set it up correctly as your drag and drop system seems to only allow me to create the forum in the page margin.

    The information that I can't find is in wordpress documentation. bbpress provide the link to that.

    Nevertheless I will contact bbpress. So far it's taken me 3 days to install this forum and it's supposed to be easy! The documentation isn't very user friendly as you have to know what key words to use to search with.

  8. The plugin is really new (I know it says 2.0, but it's basically the first release). Yes, documentation is sparse.

    That said, the bbPress plugin itself is pretty basic. Install, activate, go to domain.com/forums

    Check out yourdomain.com/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=bbpress and see what you set things up as.

  9. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have used your link but I get a message to say that I don't have access permission. I am unable to see what the set up is.

    Out of interest what is a slug? I don't know if I need to change settings in that section.

    There is no bbpress documentation on that page there is a message that says that the documentation is being prepared.

    I can put a link in my website direct to the bbpress forum which will be a fix but not an ideal one as I can't continue with the same theme. However I still need to find out how to fix the off centre issue.

    As mentioned I am able to get replies from bbpress' forum. I don't understand why it has been launched if there is no follow up and quiet frankly they say that you can integrate their forums when the reality is it can't be done because when things do wrong there's no way to resolve them.

    I would use other forums but I can't continue with the same design theme. At this point I don't feel like redesigning my website, blog and forum.

    Although bbpress is independent from wordpress you do publicise that it is a sister company. A company is only as strong as it's weakest link which in this case is bbpress. Issues like this will not only mar their reputation but yours as well.

    As a point of note; I still can't log into bbpress. it says user doesn't exist. I can't even reset the password or reregister. If I try to register and press submit nothing happens.

  10. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I can't delete this. added comment to above post

  11. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Although I have ticked remember me in the log in field. This is the message that I get on screen (the user does not exist is red).

    Username tony webb User does not exist.

    I tried to reset the password and ended up with the same result. I would send you screen prints but i am unable to attach files.

    I tried to reregister but it said that I already have an account which is here.

    A then clicked on link you provided earlier to check my profile. It still shows.


    I did get a password link from you earlier but it said user name christiansbelieve which isn't me.

    There is a problem with some servers at the moment because I am experiencing the same issues with my existing forum software provider. I reported it to my host provider. I've pasted their reply below;

    [Ticket ID: 295259] refused access to the forum/blog software server‏

    Reply ▼
    kNet Hosting Hosting
    Add to contacts
    To Anthony webb
    Hi Anthony,

    This appears to be a problem with phpBB, as i've looked around the internet and quite a few people are having the same issue. Is it possible to reinstall phpBB from fresh? Some people say it's a cookie issue, others say it's a problem with the theme.


    From what I am experiencing it seems that you have the same problem.

    Incidently the post is probably the welcome post because I haven't deleted it. Whatever it is I can't access it.

  12. I didn't send you a password link. I gave you a URL to check if that was you.

    I did get a password link from you earlier but it said user name christiansbelieve which isn't me.

    The 'you' in this should be 'bbPress' or 'WordPress' :) I'm just a volunteer mod here.

    Try logging in as 'tony-webb' but part of the problem is your login ID has a space in it. Which you should never do.

  13. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry when I said you I was referring to the organisation (wordpress and bbpress).

    I have tried login in to bbpress as tony_webb it isn't working either and says that I don't exist!

    The URL does say that it is me that's why I can't understand why I don't exist. The only reason I can think of was the spam email that I received and included in an earlier posting. Since receiving that I have been unable to log into bbpress. It could be coincidence. It was also after receiving the spam email that I was asked if I was christiansbelieve.

    I note that the bbpress widgets are now in my dashboard. I'll try to sort them later in themorning as it's nearly 1.00 am here.

  14. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've just noticed that the spam email I got isn't in this thread. I've posted it below.

    [Spam copy deleted]

  15. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Spammers sometimes do get past the spam filter and post junk in random threads. If we spot them, we remove them asap. Please don't re-post their junk.

  16. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have got to the bottom of the issue now;

    I logged in as christiansbelieve as I wasn't bothered if it set up a spam flood on your system.

    it turns out that christiansbelieve was a stand alone blog that I tried to create about 5 months ago. I couldn't integrate into my website so I gave up on that project and forgot about it.

    I have since set up another account tony webb. It would seem that the 2 are linked by user name.

    The dashboard when I log in in wp is for tony webb and is the correct one. However bbpress seem to have linked me with the unused blog. Are you able to delete the unused blog and make bbpress link to the tony webb account? if it helps this is the unwanted blog's url http://christiansbelieve.wordpress.com/

    I am unable to contact bbpress via their forum as I can't log into my accout.

  17. Don't care, doesn't matter, you're doing this all wrong and thinking about it in a weirdly over complicated way.



    Those? Are the same person.

    Login as 'tony webb' on bbPress.org with the SAME PASSWORD YOU USE HERE.

    Does that work? Yes or no.

  18. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you for your email. Login into wordpress has never been a problem as I usually go to that from my webesite.

    The bbpress forum login now accepts tony webb for login in but it doesn't accept the same password as this forum. I tried resetting my password which gets me to the forum but I can't get to my bbpress dashboard or forum page.

    If I click home from the forum page it takes me to the bbpress home page with the software download button and info.

    It's not your problem but I noted that my forum posts in the bbpress forum haven't been answered.

    I know things are complicated it's because I didn't understand and even now I am not sure what has happened. When i first used bbpress i could log in to my home page as tony webb without any problem. Since i've tried to integrate the bbpress forum with wordpress it seems that bbpress linked me to wordpress using the old forum that i created. It just so happened that it coincided with the spam email that I received and I jumped to the wrong conclusion.

    I do appreciate your help and at least some progress is being made now.

  19. tony webb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Perhaps this will explain my confusion over this issue;

    I am not an IT wizard. I've bought a drag and drop program to design my website. I have some knowledge of IT in as much that I did a degree in IT in the days of windows 3.1 I've never worked in it. By the time I got to my final year of my degree I decided that IT wasn't for me.

    Just a suggestion. The drag and drop software that I have allows actual html code and java code. Would it be an idea to make wordpress and bbpress available via a cut and past option. it would save a lot of hassle.

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