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    Hey there,

    I am still working on my little animation. Got most of the things to work but still struggling with making it fully responsive.

    For some reason I can’t seem to get it responsive in Edge itself so I thought to just fix it with css.

    But that also doesn’t work. I can’t seem to address my elements in my stage with the id they have. Any thoughts on why this doesn’t work?


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  • Plugin Author ti2m


    Pretty simple answer, the plugin alters the id 😉 This needs to be done to run multiple compositions on a page. Check the source with Firebug or Chrome dev tools to get the real ID of the stage. Otherwise you can warp a div around the stage and adress it through that div.

    Thanks again for your super fast reply! It’s really awesome to have such a fast response from the developer. A lot of people could learn something from this!

    I already knew that I needed to use different id’s. You are talking about the fast that the name of the stage gets added tot he id’s right?

    But still if I try to call those out, nothing happens.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Well, always depends on how much time I got and if I’m in the middle of something 😉

    The internal composition ID gets added to the id of the div. Check in firebug if your css styles are applied but might get overwritten. E.g. if you want to change the “position” attribute you need to use !important. Styles that are directly defined in the “style” attribute of the div always have priority, unless overwritten with !important.

    Otherwise sent me a link to the page and let me know what you want to do, then I can check real quick

    Aaaaaah. I didn’t know I needed to add !important. Will try this and let you know.

    You can check the old animation already online at:

    But I am now working on a new one since this one didn’t fully work the way I wanted to.


    Thanks for the help! Will test it with the !important added!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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