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    Please see:

    Here are is my error log:

    [Tue May 25 10:51:31 2021] [warn] [pid 34620] sapi_apache2.c(349): [client 69.11                                                                                                 9.154.248:51560] PHP Warning:  fopen(/var/www/html/library/new4/wp-content/plugi                                                                                                 ns/alert-notice-boxes/css/parts/animations_style.css): failed to open stream: Pe                                                                                                 rmission denied in /var/www/html/library/new4/wp-content/plugins/alert-notice-bo                                                                                                 xes/classes/class_animations.php on line 12
    [Tue May 25 10:51:52 2021] [warn] [pid 33355] sapi_apache2.c(349): [client 69.11                                                                                                 9.154.248:51566] PHP Warning:  fopen(/var/www/html/library/new4/wp-content/plugi                                                                                                 ns/alert-notice-boxes/css/anb-dynamic.css): failed to open stream: Permission de                                                                                                 nied in /var/www/html/library/new4/wp-content/plugins/alert-notice-boxes/include                                                                                                 s/anb_functions.php on line 104

    On my development server, I even tried: installing the older version and then updating as well as deleting and starting fresh.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

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    This plugin does not appear to have write permissions on your server

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