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  • Just started using filebase a couple of days ago and suddenly started getting the error “Unable to move category icon!” whenever I try to add an icon to a category. Nothing has changed that I can find. Any ideas?

    Please bear in mind that I’m not exactly a web geek… thanks. 🙂

    Using filebase under WP 3.5.1.

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  • Plugin Author Fabian


    Make sure the category folder has write permissions, e.g. chmod it to 777.
    In your FTP client, go to folder of the parent category and executer the command:
    chmod 777 <em>categoryfolder</em>

    Chmods were the first things I checked, all good. During my fiddling around with this, however, I found some stuff:

    (Note that, at the start, Upload path and download URL base was ‘downloads’ and thumbnail path was ‘downloads/thumbs’. Also, I’m not exactly one to leave things alone … o.O)

    1. If I tried to create a category (let’s call it ‘cat’) with no thumb, it worked fine, as far as I could see.
    2. If I tried to add a thumb, I got the same error BUT the path would be changed from “cat” to “cat2” for some reason.
    3. If I created and then modified it (see #1, above) I would have “cat” and “cat2” folders in the /thumbs/ directory.
    4. If I tried to make a category with a thumb and failed, a look in the /downloads/thumbs/ directory showed no new ‘cat’ folder; only the folders from previously created categories, all of which were created with no trouble.
    5. Neither method resulted in a “caticon” file being made.
    6. So, I tried manually uploading an image to the folder (why not?), naming it “caticon” and then modifying the category… worked fine.
    7. Everything in /downloads/ was 777, /downloads/thumbs/ was all 777 EXCEPT for the directories created without icons (#1, above), those were 755 (huh?).
    8. Decided “f*** it, what have I got to lose?” and deleted the thumbnail path from >settings>misc … everything’s jolly now. Works like a charm.

    Beats the hell outta me…

    Bear in mind that everything worked fine and dandy in the beginning. I was totally in the middle of getting some serious “holy s***, this thing’s f***ing great!” wood when it up and barfed on me. The ONLY thing that had changed, was that I disabled download permalinks in >settings>download because I was getting a buttload of 404s. Re-enabling it didn’t fix anything, though.

    So, in other words, I have NO idea what the hell happened. But it works now, so I’m not gonna go pickin’ at it…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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