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  • I am thoroughly lost. Maybe someone with some experience with MultiSite and Domain Mapping can help. *fingers crossed*

    Keeping it relatively simple for the moment, let us say I have a primary domain and one add on domain that I want to run separate wordpress blogs on. I have installed multisite and am in the process of configuring the addon domain blog. (The primary domain has yet to even be designed, so I’m doing nothing with it at this exact second…besides, it is the primary, so it works.)

    In the middle of fiddling with the site design I made the decision to switch gears (prompted by a plugin that demands absolute URLs that I don;t have until I redirect) to get the domains properly configured.

    Here’s where I hit a wall. I have absolutely no clue how to do what the plugin asks me to do. I mean, I do, and I have done so, but it fails to work, at all. I have never used it before so I don’t know what SHOULD happen when I try and use it, but I am encountering no reaction on the Domains page when I type things in and submit. That, to me, says it fails. (That and the fact that my addon domain isn’t working to show the addon wordpress blog…)

    Now, I haven’t destroyed myself or anything…I am not a dummy, I have a full backup of everything I started with, but I REALLY wanted to just rid myself of my Octopress blog and run multiple instances of WordPress since I needed to run wordpress for the new addon domain anyway. (Octopress is awesome from a reader standpoint…but cumbersome from mine.)

    Thoughts? Places to check? Information you want? Help?!

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