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  • I’m using WooCommerce and have an account with the “Shop Manager” title. I read on WooCommerce’s website to download one of three listed addons to manage user roles if I wanted to add coupon management to the Shop Managers list of responsibilities.

    None of the listed add-ons worked. They don’t even display “manage_woocommerce_coupons” in the list of roles to choose from.

    I added it, but I don’t know that it’s linked in any way to the actual responsibility.

    When the Shop Manager tries to add a coupon they get the error:
    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Is there a way to add this role/capability without the role manger addons? They don’t seem to be helping.

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  • Hi leigero.

    I have the same issues with woocommerce working with other roles that I have created for a clients website that is running woocommerce plugin too! When the website owner (my client) tries to add a new coupon he/she gets the same error displaying a blank white page saying “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this admin page”.
    I have made a consistent 3 days research on the internet and also on the community and I haven’t found any solution to this big problem at all!
    In my case is that me being the super admin (the web developer of the website) and the client having a role of administrator (being the actual owner of the website) he/she can’t add coupons because he/she gets this error that I have specified above, but I as a super admin I can create coupons on her/his website without getting any errors at all. This is not the point because he/she as an administrator especially supposed to be able to create coupons with woocommerce plugin too.
    The reason I say that I am a super admin is because I use a plugin that restricts what other roles including administrators can see and do on the website, and the plugin is called MENU EDITOR PRO because it’s the pro paid version. I have made also a big research into looking at the settings of this plugin I use but it seems that all settings and configurations are ok and it should not restrict the client(as administrator role) to not being able to add coupons by herself.
    However, as I said no help found on the internet or in here in community forum or even more important on the developers website is no help. I have to say that I am very surprised by looking at the date when you actually posted your issue here in forum, nobody have had replied to you so far! Or even more intriguing is that I don’t see any reply from the woocommerce plugin author which is again who didn’t even bothered to reply to your issue encountered with woocommerce plugin! This also will prepare more for a never answered question or solution found to this issue that me and you (leigere) have encountered and still do. If I will find a solution then I will let you know or at least will tell you what you can try to do. But in the meantime have a look on your website or the client’s website and see if you have a plugin called MENIU EDITOR PRO or any other plugin that restricts access to some or all other roles on the website. If you have a plugin like I mentioned before, then try setting it up or reconfigure it appropriately so that you give access to those roles or some specific roles you want.

    In the meantime I am left also to hope that someone someday from woocommerce plugin development team will have to kindness to fairly give a helping solution to this unresolved issue that me and you and maybe many others are having it with the woocomerce plugin.

    Hi leigero.

    I forgot to mention also that this issue can also be caused by a security plugin for example: wordfence, all in one security pack…etc

    Have a look and see if you have a security plugin or a firewall plugin that might restrict permissions to some other roles in the wordpress site, and if you find a plugin like that then go through the settings and configuration of that plugin and see if that is what is causing the restriction or conflict with woocommerce, also there are other settings in the woocommerce plugin that might restrict roles for some of its features! Then also make sure you update your wocommerce plugin in case it needs to be updated.

    I am having this issue as well, and found it to be related to the Menu Editor Pro plugin. Because the “Add Coupon” menu item is not available, it finds the “Add Post” menu item. If the role does not have access to add a new post to the site, then they will not be able to add Coupons either. As a workaround I am allowing the Shop Manager role the ability to add new posts.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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