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    I am mostly trying to confirm if this is just a new way the List block works or if it is something broken that we are missing. While testing our theme against the WP6.1 RC 3 we ran into some confusion regarding lists. When creating a list we cannot create more than one list item at each level. It will allow a nesting of other lists within but if you create a list you cannot add more than the initial list item to that list. Initially I though it was something wrong with our build but upon switching to several of the provided themes such as Twenty Twenty-One and Twenty Twenty-Two the same issue occurs.

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  • Thanks-you @juliengemaddis. You likely saved me hours trying to figure this out.

    One question, do I keep ‘core/list’ and also add ‘core/list-item’ or does ‘core/list-item’ replace ‘core/list’ I kept ‘core/list’ and it seems to work but I am not sure if that is really correct?

    This Might help someone ( Partially )

    I am facing the same issue, and i am using WP 6.1.1 and WP 8.0.
    After details observation of code.

    We are using allowed_block_types_all to allow certain blocks than allowing all.

    So in my case if we comment the above filter, then enter key is working( Which is not our use case as a business ) and can add multiple List and Child list.

    And thanks @juliengemaddis, you solution of adding core/list-item worked. I have added core/list-item along with core/list. Solved my issue with WP 6.1.1

    @juliengemaddis Thank you so much for sharing. I had the exact same issue and your solution was what I needed to resolve the issue.

    WordPress team should provide a big disclaimer when they release changes like this.

    @localskim Hello, your welcome for the help provided ! I think you need both, core/list let you create the list block in Gutenberg, then the core/list-item let you add list item in that same block

    same to me, @juliengemaddis – thanks a lot. Saved hours, I am sure.

    @juliengemaddis Thank you so much!

    This helped me as well @juliengemaddis . Thanks you so much was pulling my few remaining hairs out.

    Thank you so much @juliengemaddis for providing your code, it solved my issue, and I was struggling to figure it out. I had done just as you mentioned, left the 'core/list-item' out of my api call to allow_block_types hook



    Thanks @juliengemaddis this helped me too

Viewing 10 replies - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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