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  • If you rename the plugin folders via FTP it will “disable” them since WP won’t be able to find the folder.

    What error message is it giving you when the login fails? Is it just incorrect password?

    Try deleting your cookies and then change the salts in your wp-config.php. You can use this generator to create new ones:

    Then try logging in again with the most recent password.

    I went in via FTP and changed my Plugins folder to Plugins.hold so they wouldn’t initiate and still can’t log in to my admin. Reset the password again and also deleted a few unused themes.

    I get the “ERROR: Invalid username or incorrect password.” message.

    I flushed me cookies after every change. I reset the salt and reloaded the config.php and flushed cookies again and still same thing. Unable to log in.

    Also tried logging in from different machines.

    Did you change your salts and delete your cookies?

    Yes sir. Changed them on my wp-config.php. I went to the link you provided. Copied and pasted into the file then FTPed it back up to the site. Deleted cookies and tried accessing from different PC to include using my iphone.

    BTW…. I also tried using the emergency.php script and even after changing it, still no luck logging into it. I know I’m using the correct username cause I don’t get any errors using it, I tried using admin and it gave me an error then went back to the original user name and no error. I got the emails telling me that my password was changed. But still unable to login. Cleared history and cookies again. Oh… also tried using a different browser. Used Firfox and Explorer.



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    Have you asked your hosting company about this? Some may have security measures in place that interfere with logins.

    yeah, I just got off chat with them and they said that because its wordpress, they can’t provide much assistance for 3rd party. Told me to take it to wordpress to figure it out. My main concern like I said was that maybe it was the plugins but I disabled them all by relabing the folder. Now I’m just baffled. I know it can’t be the new upgrade cause I just upgraded another site that I manage and no problems.

    [Moderator Note: No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone.]

    How do I hire a professional cause it appears that according to the moderator, that is the only course of action I have left?

    Can you get your website data off and do a wipe and fresh install of wordpress?

    Thank you. I’ll have to go that route it appears.

    Update: Found out that my wp-admin file was corrupted. I deleted my whole wordpress sight (luckily I had an initial backup) but the only file that would not let me delete it was the wp-admin. I couldn’t do it via my FTP program (Filezilla) and even using my hosting sites FTP. I chatted with my provider and they also could not delete the file at that time. They put in a ticket for me to have it deleted. Once it was deleted, I reloaded my wordpress site back up via FTP and everything worked like a champ. Was able to log in with no problems. I’m still going through the pages and updated small parts. I still haven’t updated my plugins. Once I have finished updating, I’ll probably make another back up with the changes so I have a more current copy just incase it happens again. Also, I saw a pretty cool youtube video to setup up the permissions on your wp-admin folder. ( This should provide a little more security. Also, everyone should make a backup of their wordpress site at least sometime during its life so just incase you go through what I went through, you dont have to start from scratch. Just delete and reload and tweak.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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