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  • As authorised admin for a friends site that I set up I have entered him as ‘editor’ so he can maintain and create new posts. I gave him a username and password. The problem is, although I can enter admin using his username and password on my computer he cannot on his computer. What’s the problem here please?

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  • Please refer to ‘how come I never get answers’
    if anyone finds this and can answer I would be very grateful.

    You should consider how you might check for the problem first.

    The problem might be the use of uppercase letters.

    Can you try logging in from his computer?

    Can you create a new account to test?

    The troubleshooting for this is in your hands. But please, don’t bother complaining about free support.

    Some more info would be handy.

    – You say he can’t enter Admin, but does he get an error, is his password rejected, ….
    – What version of WordPress.
    – If possible a link to the blog in question.

    The more relevant information you provide with a question, the faster you’ll get a response.

    Case sensitive name and password. Are you POSTIVE he’s got it right?

    Tough one to diagnose beyond that without having the name/password to try… which wouldn’t be a good idea.

    The person in question is located 200 miles from me, so no, I cannot use his computer. Whether he used upper/lowercase I don’t know but I put his username in as chris (lowercase) and password as test. He was unable to get in, password rejected. version of wp is 2.02

    If anyone else would like to try the url is:

    As for geoff saying don’t complain about free support you are missing my point. I am not a newbie and know my way around wp quite well. When I have had a problem I have hardly ever had a response. I am experienced enough on a certain level to help others and have done so when I could.

    I have operated other blog software and never had the same problem with response to questions. I am somewhat surprised here but having said that I like wp the best and manage most times without asking for help. Just as well!

    I tried logging in using those credentials and got this error:

    Error 400
    We’re sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for /wp-login.php on this server.

    An invalid request was received. This may be caused by a malfunctioning proxy server. Bypass the proxy server and connect directly, or contact your proxy server administrator.

    Your technical support key is: d9a9-e782-41fe-ed15

    You can use this key to fix this problem yourself.

    If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, please contact enquiries at and be sure to provide the technical support key shown above.

    This makes it sound like a network issue. Is there a proxy/firewall/ids between that box and the outside world that could cause this?

    I had to change the password because I realised it was rather silly to publish the details. It is not perhaps ‘rocket science’ but I did forget to say that his password was rejected – although I thought that would be obvious as the only reason why login is rejected. If he was using uppercase for the first letter of the username then that’s the answer.

    Are there any other reasons, although I think that’s the likely one. As a hardened user I assume that all these passwords etc are in lowercase but others perhaps don’t.

    Thanks Nazgul, you tried it before I changed the password. I wouldn’t know what his details are but I do know he has an AOL e-mail address – how I hate AOL – so he might have AOL as his ISP. I’ll put the question to him. Thanks.

    Nazgul – that looks like a Bad Behavior page…

    bran – is the BB plugin installed at this blog?

    Edit: Nevermind this post, I was beaten to it. 🙂

    Yes, Bad Behaviour is installed.

    Before you test with your guy next, you might just want to disable BB first. Is he getting a similar error as Nazgul reported?

    I’ll try that HandySolo. he did not tell me he got that error, just that his password was rejected/incorrect

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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