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  • I posted before having already tried to reset my admin password via email. WordPress didn’t send me the link to click on to reset. So I reset my password via phpmy admin and still I cannot login with the new password. I have two ID’s set up for my blog at:

    Whilst logged into phpmyadmin I changed both administrator and other user email addresses and passwords, but trying to login via:

    and I still cannot login. Last week I installed several plugins… following the installation of one plugin (which worked fine) my tool tip and mouse started to playup. Then my machine kept shutting down the day after after a few minutes of being fully booted. I had to drag all my files over to a disc and reformat as the problem coulod not be fixed.

    I’m concerned now that I cannot login to my wordpress. I have another blog and everything is fine…different plugins of course. Don’t think I got as far as installing the same plugins.

    I honestly cannot think of any other reason why I cannot login after resetting passwords via phpmyadmin, but when I check phpmyadmin and rerfresh the browser, the new passwords have been taken and show in the settings as having been changed.

    I’d love some help on this. I’m a week behind building pages already with the reformat and so on.

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  • The only other unusal thing occuring in my wordpress admin prior to this happening were ads coming up everytime I clicked in places and typed keywords. I have no clue if one of my kids has installed a tool bar. The ads were keyword based and also threw links up on all my posts on key words.

    I had a similar thing happen some months ago and deleted some PITA tool bar from my browser, but it occurred again last week. This time though my whole machine went down gradually over days. I couldn’t boot into Safemode nothing… took me a whole day to drag important files over to my external drive. No matter what I did I couldnt fix it and inthe end I had to completely reformat.

    I’ve never had a virus before, but whatever it was seemed like a virus to me. Now I can’t log into my site.

    In the past week, a major ISP here in NZ has been riddled with virus from yahoo…I am not signed with that ISP but this virus has been spreading via peoples email accounts on that particular ISP. But I am now wodering about the ads that came up on my blog and how that occurred.

    Absolutely disgraceful that these people can advertise on my website without my permission and get a profit from it…especially damned cheeky when the ads are on key words all through your pages. That has got to be a law suit waiting to happen. As it is I will soon be setting ads up on my site, but like h*** will I put up with other companies placing ads on my website and not paying for that privelage.

    I finally managed to login… resent the reset email and had to literally look for the original code sent to my gmail account. For some reason the URL is not showing in gmail…you have to go into the settings on the drop down and click “Show Original”

    I have no idea why the click on link doesn’t show in the body of the email itself though. My gmail is set to show html and everything.

    Sorry for the meltdown… thought my blog had been hacked. lol

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