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    Help me to fix this issue.

    I’m unable to login to my website and I get the following error “ERROR: Please solve Captcha correctly”.

    I did some troubleshooting but nothing worked.

    1. I changed the plugin folder name to deactivate the plugin, but it didn’t work.
    2. Waited for few days, tried on Incognito mode and different computers got the same response.
    3. Deleted the website from Google reCAPTCHA account.
    4. Still had the issue, deleted the completed plugin folder.

    Even now I have the same issue. (Waited for day, Tired on different computer)

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    Hey Team,

    I’m locked out of my website for more than a week. Can someone help me?

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    Hey Team,

    Can someone help me to login to my website ?

    You can rename this plugin folder using FTP/file manager. There is no way this plugin can be active after renaming. So make sure you have renamed in plugin folder in right place.

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    First, I renamed it but it didn’t solve the issue. I went one step further and deleted it but still it didn’t solve the issue.

    FYI, I made the modification in following File Location: “wp-content/plugins/”.

    I also manually deleted all cache files and disabled cache related plugins to rule out cache related conflict but no luck.

    I think, I have to remove from database manually.

    Please let me know if you have some other solution.

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    @shamim51 Waiting for your response.

    This plugin cannot do anything if you rename/delete. Nothing is saved in database which can make it active.

    Please check if you have deleted from right place. Sometimes users can have multiple website in same hosting account and mistakenly delete from one website and checking in different website. Please check if you have deleted from right website.

    If still confused you can contact your hosting support who can rename this plugin for you.

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    The issue I’m trying to highlight is, I face this issue even after deleting the plugin related files.

    Please think in that way, don’t restrict yourself by saying the plugin would be deactivated once it is renamed or deleted.

    I’m a long-time WordPress user and even I’m aware that, if the plugin folder is renamed the plugin would be deactivated.

    Earlier I have clearly stated everything, I renamed it and nothing happened. Even after deleting the folder, I face the issue and that is the reason why I reached the forum.

    I have double-checked that, I have deleted the right files. I have hosted this website in a dedicated hosting plan and I can only host a single website in it, so there is no chance of me deleting a file in some other location.

    You can have a look at this screenshot displaying all files under the plugin folder.

    Are you sure that this specific plugin is the culprit:
    – Did you try to rename the parent directory “plugins” instead?
    – Do you have anything in wp-content/mu-plugins/ ?
    – Does your theme perhaps call some kind of security stuff? (You can force usage of a default theme by making sure that, say, /wp-content/themes/twentytwenty/ is installed and temporarily changing the directory name of your current theme.)

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    Hey @tobifjellner

    Thank you for your response.

    I thought of trying the above mentioned solutions, but just before that I tried to login once.

    Finally, I was able to log in.

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