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  • Oddly I am unable to log out from my site. I created two users on two computers and neither one is allowing me to log out. Tried all the clearing, etc… Even just closing the site–but when I come back I’m logged in. Do I have something set incorrectly?


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  • Logout with

    Clear browser cache and cookies.

    Michael–thanks for the response–unfortunately it doesn’t make any sense to me and when I click on the link I go to some site that is asking about hosting.

    Ah I wasn’t very clear was I?

    Replace the with your domain. If WordPress is in a sub-folder like blog, you would replace with your domain name followed by /blog.

    Hope that is a bit clearer.

    If you continue this thread, please provide a link to see the problem.

    Where am I doing this?

    Okay, what’s your domain?

    Copy and paste that into your browser address bar.

    OK–but will that have to be done each time I or any other user wants to log out?

    If they are logging out of the admin panel, I should hope not.

    Ok–this logged me out but now when I go back to the site I’m logged in again automatically and it won’t allow me to log out once again. I have an account on another computer as well and having the same problem. I click on log out and it goes to a window that says I’m attempting to log out, please try again. Nothing but the cut and paste works to log out.

    I have an account on another computer as well and having the same problem

    Not sure what that means.

    I used my laptop and created another user that can log in to my site–but is also unable to log out.

    All sorts of log in-out problems now. When I log in to the site and go to try and reply to a comment I’m asked to log in. I click on that and it shows me a log in to Word Press–not to my site. I enter my secondary log in info (which I’ve verified) and it says it’s a bad user name. Wondeing why the “log in” prompt is taking my blog users to WP instead of logging them in to my site? I also changed to one of the standard themes to see if that was the problem but it isn’t–still unable to access properly.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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