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  • Hi,
    I just registered, but can’t log in to the support forums. I use an older version of Opera at home (7.12, because I haven’t really heard good things about the later versions…and because my current version works for me.)
    However, when I try to log in to this forum using Opera, I just get thrown back to the main page of the forums.
    I’ve tried retrieving the lost password, then copying and pasting it in from the email – same result. JavaScript is enabled.
    Is this a known problem?
    I have questions, and could keep just asking them anonymously; but I really don’t like doing that. For one, it looks like I’m trying to hide. For another, it means that people can’t look up a profile (which I now can’t ever edit), see where my site is, et cetera. when trying to assist me with any questions I may have.

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  • Have you tried using (dare I say) another browser, such as Firefox/Mozilla or even Internet Explorer?
    Make sure cookies are enabled too.

    I don’t want to use another browser.
    MSIE – why encourage Microsoft’s behavior any more than I absolutely have to.
    Firefox / Mozilla – I have a browser / email client that works for me. Last time I changed browsers I lost all my older emails. I don’t want to go through that rot again.
    So – no suggestions other than “use a different browser, you stupid fecking idiot”?

    I think mark was suggesting to just try to see if you are able to login from another browser on your computer. This may help to limit the problem and see if it is actually Opera that is the problem. I doubt that he meant switch your browser forever…

    I was able to log in from MSIE, from someone else’s machine. I don’t have any other browsers installed on my computer.
    This also concerns me, as I’m not able (using my primary browser) to use some of the other features on WordPress blogs – search, for example. I don’t want to switch my site over to using a tool that I can’t even use through my own browser.

    Just thought Id mention for anyone considering upgrading to a more compliant browser that Firefox is a standalone browser. Nothing to do with email. It has many bugs but eating your email is not one of them. And I think I am right in saying that this forum is not a Word Press blog but is powered by minibb.

    Stubornness will get you no where. We are here to offer you help. Unless you’re using an older version of Windows (I think MS started including IE by default into Windows 98?), you will have IE on your computer.
    Obviously, if you were able to log in with IE from someone else’s computer, then the problem could lie in two areas: 1) Opera 2) the OS itself.
    And Root is right, Firefox is a stand-alone browser. It includes no e-mail or IRC chat, though the latter is available as an extension.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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