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  • I am having this exact same problem (tho with only one of my WP sites) and have tried all the same solutions.

    It is not letting me log in and also telling me no user with my email address exists when I try and reset my password.

    If anyone can give any advice it would be MUCH appreciated.

    Not the best thing to come back to after the holidays! 😉

    My boss may shoot me! hahaa

    Sky (skyandbradd).

    Anyone? Still unable to log in. Still tells me my email address is not registered so I can’t reset my password.

    Hi Sky – I’m sorry you’re having this issue as well but glad someone else posted .

    I am also still having the same problems today. Kind of worried since no one has posted any possible fixes……

    Any ideas out there? Anything at all will be greatly appreciated. If I get either site to work, I’ll post the solution here as well.

    Thanks! Anna

    I’ve now tried logging in from my Windows NT machine, still getting the same errors and am unable to access either site.

    Still saying there are no one registered with my email address as well.

    I also tried re-setting my password in MySQL with no luck.

    I’m really disappointed that we’ve received no responses with any possible causes or solutions to try. I’m not sure what to do next but being unable to access any of my sites is not for obvious reasons, a pretty urgent matter.

    I have been able to access my sites now and wanted to document what happened – I don’t understand it myself but an relieved I can finally get it.

    Yesterday I downloaded and installed the latest version WP via FTP

    Tried to log in – same error
    Entered my email – same error (no user with this email address)

    Just playing around, I entered a different email address I have and the system accepted it and sent a link for me to change my password.

    Here’s the weird part:
    I have 2 WP sites – a static web site and a blog
    Each have different user names, passwords and email addresses associated. I have been able to see all the information in MySQL and it looked correct.

    Now, Site A has all of Site B’s information – the username, password and email address that was used for my blog is not recognized under my static site.

    I have no idea how this happened, I didn’t change anything in MySQL except when I tried to reset my password a few days ago but that’s the only field I changed.

    Could this be a MySQL issue? Changes with the PHP on my host – 1&1? A WordPress issue?

    I’m still interested in hearing from others, I’ve never had anything like this happen before. I hope this information can help someone else. Again, just happy I can access the sites now.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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