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    Since I updated to v7 I get the notification: Unable to load strings due to a server error. When I visit my dashboard. On my staging site I’ve disabled WP Cerber and the problem was solved.

    Browser console is giving this output:

    Object { cid: “c2”, attributes: {…}, _changing: false, _previousAttributes: {…}, changed: {}, _pending: false, requireForceForDelete: true, apiRoot: “/wp-json/”, versionString: “wp/v2/”, _events: {…} }


    How can this be solved? The notification is quite annoying since it is blocking the dashboard until the OK button is clicked.

    Thanks in advance

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    This is an absolutely weird issue. Normally this message is shown if a critical server error occurs only and an AJAX request from the dashboard can’t be served by the server. Please check the server error log and filter out entries with “cerber_get_strings” in the URL. Also check XHR requests on the Network tab in the browser console. Status code should be 200 for all of them.


    Thanks for responding so fast!

    I checked the XHR requests:
    wp-json/wp/v2 gets a 301 (cached)
    admin-ajax.php gets a 508 (I had to Google this code, this only occurs when an infinite loop is detected)

    Guess I should contact my host for the 508 issue…
    I’ll keep you posted

    I’ve contacted my host; I have unlimited bandwidth and server space, so this shouldn’t be an issue in my opinion.
    We’ll see how they respond.

    I’ve noticed the new version has a site scanner, using up a lot of resources.
    Is there a way to disable this scanner?

    Plugin Author Gioni


    @bugnumber9 A hosting account should be insanely underpowered (limited) to get such an error. Anyway, we will work out a solution today.

    Wonderful to hear Gioni!

    Plugin Author Gioni


    Do you mean during a scan? It’s developed the way that it doesn’t consume anything until you click the start button.

    When my PHP memory was too low, (I’ve upped it a bit) I got all kinds of errors in the console that wp cerber couldn’t read all kind of files (that was after I did a scan, and I went to my dashboard). The scan stopped probably due to memory shortage.

    Now that my php memory is larger I do see a certain scanner.js is loaded everywhere. I’m not sure if that javascript file is consuming anything or not.

    Plugin Author Gioni


    Actually scanner.js is a dead weight on all pages other than the scanner page but it doesn’t load neither client PC or the server. Anyway, I’ve updated the code. Since the version 7.0.1 we’ve got:

    1. “Unable to load strings due to a server error” will not be shown anymore.
    2. scanner.js is loaded on the scanner page only.

    You can get it here:


    Problem solved (:

    Plugin Author Gioni


    Good news! This update will be uploaded to soon.

    Plugin Author Gioni


    A new release will be available on in a week.

    Plugin Author Gioni



    An update is available on this matter:

    Alternatively, it will be available on in a few days.

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