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    I am trying to connect google analytics to my site

    I have put the tracking code in it’s usual place in the theme options, but this is not working.

    then i tried the php method (putting a file on the server called analyticstracking.php and using a line of php right after the opening body tag to include it in the page templates)
    this also is not working.

    I tried putting the analytics script in the header.php file – also not working.

    how can i connect analytics to this site?

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  • What makes you think it’s not working? I see the Google Analytics script in your header (actually, I see it in two places, once in your header and the other at the start of the body). How long have you waited before trying to see results?



    google analytics checked 1 minute after i installed the code, and said the code isnt there. I see it when viewing page source (just like you) but the analytics site is saying it doesnt exist.

    SEO Quake is also telling me the analytics code is not there.

    I compared your analytics code to mine, and it’s the same (except for the ID # and the web site, of course). I’d wait at least a day, and log on to Analytics tomorrow to see if you’ve gotten any statistics.



    its working now. im getting data.
    i dont understand why it took a day for it to register but at least its working now.

    There’s a settings in the analytics to check if the track code is working and it often takes a bit of time. It’s normal. You can post this issue as resolved (just a suggestion).

    I have tried to install Google analytics on my site and same thing. I just it, but I can’t see analytics and I keep getting error messages saying it wasn’t installed. Any thoughts?

    I see the script in the head section of your page, so it’s all good. Did you just add it? Wait until tomorrow and check on Google Analytics to see if it’s gathering any statistics, it usually takes a day.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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