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  • Hi

    I have spent ages setting up my app and its worked great – except now I get this error when trying invite friends
    App temporarily unavailable
    Parse errors:

    FBML Error (line 14): illegal tag “body” under “fb:canvas”

    I have not added any html tags to the theme etc

    Bit lost how to sort this

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  • Plugin Contributor Brooke.


    Sounds like it’s having trouble switching to FBML for the invite section. What’s you’re app url? Is your invite friend url somthing like “”?

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    The app requires a login?

    Not sure how WPBook will work with any blog that requires a login.

    I suspect that for some reason the invite link is failing because that link can’t be reached by Facebook.

    Or it may be the extra “/” between gpnetworks and index.php in your invite link, which is usually caused by an extra trailing slash on your application name in your wpbook settings.

    I think its the login issue – I removed the extra slash and no joy.

    Will have to live without the invite friends link in the app

    shame cause its loses some its viral nature without this

    thanks v much


    So, the call to the invite throws an error and this produces the extra body tag error ?

    But I am already logged in to the app to make this invite ?

    There might be a workaround for this

    my canvas URL is this:

    Can I use this appended variable in the invite call ?


    Plugin Contributor Brooke.


    My guess it’s not actually adding a body tag. the fb_force_mode=fbml is telling Facebook to load your app in Facebook Markup Language (FBML) which is getting angry when seeing the body tag from the login from.

    But I am already logged in to the app to make this invite ?

    Are you saying that if the user is logged in to your site the invite link works? If so you might hack the invite link (see theme/index.php) to redirect to the login if the user isn’t logged in else show the invite link. (or just hide the invite link unless they are logged in)

    no, i’m saying a user doe snot see the invite link unless they are logged in to the app

    so why would the invite link redirect to a login form ?

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    I don’t have any way to test this without creating an account in your app, which I’ve really no interest in doing. Do you have a test login of some kind?

    The “invite friends” link should get translated into this call to your server:

    The “signed_request” bit triggers the WPBook plugin (lets us know we’re inside FB), the is_invite bit tells WPBook to load the invite form, and the fb_force_mode bit tells FB this is an FBML page inside an app that is otherwise iFrame based.

    I think the problem is that to draw and FBML page, Facebook itself is interacting with your blog – not the logged in user’s browser, but Facebook’s HTTP agent, which has no account on your site.

    In short, I don’t think the current invite page will work for blogs requiring a login.

    That said, Facebook is deprecating the FBML method and now encourages use of the Requests Dialog – – so we may soon revisit the whole flow and that might work better for your use case.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Looks like we might be able to use

    which we can pass in a bunch of variables (api_key, content, type, action, actiontext, and sig) and let FB draw the invite page itself.

    But this will take some time and testing – so not coming anytime too soon.

    I can wait for a total solution. What I have right now is a huge bit of progress from where I was.

    Will donate too



Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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