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    I already have a wp blog in the root of my Godaddy hosting account.
    I’m trying to install another new wp blog in the same Godaddy hosting account.


    I have created a database and uploaded all the core files through ftp.
    After running install it gives me the below error:

    “The page isn’t redirecting properly
    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

    When I contacted Godaddy support, they replied:

    “Please note that we are unable to support third party application issues and we do not support the inner functionality of this program. If you are having difficulty using a third party product. You may wish to consult with a community forum online.”

    I Replied to Godaddy support:

    “To test the situation,
    I have completely deleted my manual installation files in the directory,
    And installed using “GoDaddy Hosting Connection > My Applications”
    It gave the following result:
    “Server Error: A general server error has occurred.”
    So, The issue is not with the third party application “wordpress”.

    Godaddy Support Replied:

    “The error message you are getting generally has to do with a .htaccess file. You need to try accessing your website while either renaming or removing the .htaccess file. If the site works while you’ve done that, then there is something in the .htaccess file causing the problem and you will need to correct the coding within the file. If you are continuing to get the error even after removing or renaming, let us know so we can further investigate this issue.”

    I seriously don’t know what to change in the .htaccess file.
    And I don’t want to rename or remove the current .htaccess file as it might affect my other blog and sites in the hosting account.

    I’m using for my .htaccess

    Here is my .htaccess:

    I’m also Using CloudFlare – for my MainBlog in the root.

    And I have changed the Name Servers Only for the MainBlog,
    My main blog in the root and other sites in the hosting account are working properly.

    Kindly help me.

    Thank you.

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  • ./old-blog

    You’re trying to install WordPress inside another copy of WordPress? That will never work.

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    I’m sorry for the confusion. It’s NOT Wp inside Wp !

    ./old-blog url:
    ./old-blog/new-blog url:

    I tried to explain the directory structure, sorry.

    I’m still a little concerned that the folder structure implies an install in an install. It does vary tremendously from host to host but in your case, I’d guess that this is what is causing your .htaccess issue. Have you tried a folder structure such as

    Are trying to install wordpress on another domain name on same host account then you will need to set up your add on domain name in Go Daddy account and install wordpress it root of new domain name.

    If you trying to install in a folder on the domain name then you need to create folder in html folder and upload in the folder and install.

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    The directory structure in Godaddy Hosting ..
    The Root –
    2nd site –
    3rd site –
    4th site –

    I have used 2 or more wp blogs in the same account.

    ./wpblog-main >>
    ./wpblog-main/wpblog2 >>
    ./wpblog-main/ >>
    ./wpblog-main/ >>

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    Yes, Now I’m trying to set up a New Blog with a New Domain name,
    It’s an Addon domain to the root.
    The Root Folder itself is a Wp Blog in Godaddy.

    When log in Go daddy you will have choice of what domain name you need click on the add on domain name and install in root of that domain name

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    @govpatel ..

    I have already done the steps you have mentioned.
    It’s an addon domain and
    I’m trying to install wordpress in the root of that addon domain.

    Godaddy says I have to change something in the .htaccess,

    BUT they are NOT telling me the SECRET to make my wp installation to work.

    is there any way we can meet on skype and use desk top feature to see what you have in Go daddy account and why you having problem.
    My id is govindjip

    Ok first just for the sake of covering the best practices for domain name / folder structure naming in general, to avoid DNS conflicts and any other random problems. I am referring specifically to procedures used with GoDaddy, but other web hosts are going to be similar. The idea is just to convey the best practices in regards to naming conventions and site structure.

    Let’s say you have 3 separate domains that you purchased and you want 3 separate individual websites out there in cyberspace. Your folder structure / naming convention should be using the domain name as the folder name. Example: /, / and / In the CP Domain Management panel the Domain Name should be the same name as the folder name. If you have another web host other then GoDaddy the steps may be different, but the best practices rule still applies. Your folder structure names should match your domain names exactly.

    And if you are installing a separate additional WordPress site in a subfolder of one of the domain examples above then you are not going to be doing anything with Domain Management or DNS. This is just simply going to be an additional subfolder installation of WordPress and nothing more. šŸ˜‰ You would just create a new folder named / and install WordPress in the /new-foobar-wordpress-website folder and nothing more would need to be done (besides all the regular WP set up stuff of course).

    Ok now on to the .htaccess problem. If the parent domain / site let’s say it is / has an .htaccess file in it. The .htaccess security rules in that parent folder might block the automated installation script of WordPress in a subfolder / if you are using an automated web host WordPress installer that your web host provides. I have not had a problem with using automated GD WordPress subfolder installations, but apparently SimpleScripts WordPress installations do require that the parent folder / site .htaccess file is temporarily modified in order for a WordPress subfolder installation to complete successfully. If the automatic installation is blocked then the parent site’s .htaccess file needs to be temporarily modified to allow the installation to complete successfully. With BulletProof Security installed you would just put the parent site in Default Mode temporarily until the subfolder installation of WordPress is completed, then put the parent site back in BulletProof Mode. If you are not using BulletProof Security and you have created your own custom .htaccess file that is blocking the automated installation script then you will need to manually comment out whatever .htaccess code in the parent folder / site’s .htaccess file is blocking the subfolder installation of WP. Then when the automatic installation is completed just uncomment your commented out .htaccess security code.

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    @govpatel and @aitpro
    Thank you

    I will do the steps you mentioned ..
    And will update this post as soon as I resolve it.

    I also contacted Cloudflare Support, and got this reply within 8 mins:

    It really is something GoDaddy should work with you to resolve as it sounds like it’s a configuration issue on the server itself
    (likely the .htaccess file as they mentioned).

    You might try removing the Bulletproof Security code from the .htaccess file as a start to see if it resolves things.

    @aitpro you have said about the install program but If one was installing manually then would it still have the problem with .htaccess file as on my host account not Go Daddy I do not have problems installing.

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    Now I’m going to delete everything inside
    Create a database and install wordpress manually.

    @govpatel – Yep you are correct. If you are installing WP manually then you are not going to have any problems. The SimpleScripts automatic installer is blocked by the .htaccess rules in the parent folder that are inherited to all child folders of that parent folder. Another approach would be to be to create a RewriteEngine Off .htaccess file in the empty child folder. If you create a text file and add just this one line of .htaccess code to it…

    RewriteEngine Off

    …then upload the text file to the child folder and rename it to .htaccess this prevents the parent .htaccess file rules from being applied to that child folder because the child folder has it’s own .htaccess file that turns off all rewriting. šŸ˜‰

    @hema Latha – yep i hear ya. šŸ˜‰

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    I’m really very sorry for the late reply.
    I had my college exams & it got over yesterday, that’s the reason 4 delay.

    Now new wp blog has been installed successfully šŸ™‚


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