• Hello,
    Trying To Install WordPress On Sub directory But Giving error as
    ” There Was An Error With Your Installation pls ensure directory you are installing does not already exist ”
    Pls Help

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  • Priyanka Behera


    Hello @akpatil ,

    You can use multisite with the sub-folder method. For this, you can check this document https://wordpress.org/support/article/create-a-network/.

    Hope this will help you out here.


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    I Want To Install WordPress On Subdirectory Under Root Directory.
    Cosider Following Example www.mywebsite.com/Demo_Web.
    I Want To Install WordPress on Folder Demo_Web

    Please check your directory sub folder closely.
    Go go cpnanel, then go to directory from file manager then check the sub folder you created has not any wordpress file.

    Secondly, if you installing wordpress by script installation (this allow to install wordpress by single click), see closly the directory where its going to be installation. you might missing writting the folder name

    I am sure something you doing mistake in between two things above. Please send me screenshot if it does not help.

    Thank you

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    How Can i send Scrnshot??

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    As Per The First Point Given By you WordPress Files Are Present On Subdirectory But while On Cpanel Gives Error as
    ” There Was An Error With Your Installation pls ensure directory you are installing does not already exist. If u have further questions pls contact ur host For Support ”

    I think here is your point- “pls ensure directory you are installing does not already exist.”

    can you install wordpress manually or can you check the folder already exist in your public html directory ig yes, delete that and try again
    Please keep me update if still not solved. You can take screenshot using this tools- https://prnt.sc/
    Thank you.

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    i Have Cheked But There is No Subdirectory Having Same Name

    You should give me the screenshot of directory selected while install and other screenshot that folder is not in your publick html folder.
    However, Can you try the manual install please.
    This guide might help you

    How to install WordPress

    Tips from my end-

    1.Download WordPress and extract in to your computer.
    2. Login in to your dircetory and create sub folder
    3. Upload all the WordPress file to sub folder
    4. Now create the database and user
    5. Go to your directory sub folder and find the config-sample.php file. Open the file and fill up your created database user, host. once done just rename that file to configue.php (just remove sample from it)

    6. Now you are done- call your site to browser to next proceed.

    yourdomain/folder you created

    Thank you

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    I created multiple websites using virtual sites in Ubuntu Apache 2. You create the sites-available files for each of the web sites. enable them with a2enmode. I manually create website.com/public_html and give it first rights to my user to copy the wordpress setup into them sudo chown -R www-data:www-data ./public_html. sudo chmod -R 755 to set the rights for it.

    Hi there. I am new here. Interesting thread, thanks for the information.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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