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  1. Rodeo Imagination
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello, I recently decided to restore a blog I left on January this year, I have my backup as name_wp_en20080124_229.sql.gz which contains a sql inside. I am not sure, but I guess it was created by a version prior to 2.5.1. and emailed to me by the same wordpress tools (I wasn't using a plugin)

    Now I've installed WP2.7 and wanted to import that file, but it doesn't support XML anymore... it returns me an error... it says:

    Choose a WordPress WXR file to upload

    I am shocked as I have info from years in that backup... any ideas on how to fix this? please???? :(

  2. An "SQL" backup is a direct backup of the database, it's not an XML file.

    You'll need to use another tool like phpMyAdmin to import that file.

  3. Rodeo Imagination
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I did as you said, thank you, worked. =)

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